Just a few pretty pictures

I finally got a few pretty pictures edited and stuff for online. So, I might as well share them right?
These are really some of my favorites that I've taken lately. I love love love when the flowers and trees start blooming. Fresh flowers in the window cutout above our kitchen sink are definitely a favorite of mine. I'm going to have to get a potted plant or something, cuz it gets too expensive to buy fresh cut flowers every 2 weeks or so.
This one is of a carnation. I cropped in nice and close and I really like the texture and the white tones within it.

This is of a tiger lily. I really hope that Jordan will let me plant a few somewhere in our yard. I just LOVE lilies.

These next to I am definitely printing and hanging up somewhere in the house. I LOVE them. I still can't believe that I actually snapped this picture of the bee. I had to crop in close to get this final shot, but I'm so excited that the bee is IN FOCUS! Lol!

And this one is of one of the big bushes in the front that was her when we bought the house. I'm really not sure what it is, but it blooms so pretty and pink and vibrant each year. I love the way I got this one bunch of blooms in focus and threw the rest out for some nice bokeh.

Not a whole lot else going on. Jordan is heading up to Pittsburgh tomorrow night with a friend to help move his best man into their new house. I'm staying home because I promised Gidget I would come down to VA and go to a Wine Festival with her, which should be a TON of fun. I'm hoping to get some more stuff done around the house, and for the wedding too. I've been putting the wedding invitations together in spits and spurts, and I think it'll make putting them all together much easier. I got a few random projects done this past weekend, so that was good too. But the lists are never ending, lol.

Catch you later :)


Memorial Day - 2009

(Image by David Goldman, as taken from The Big Picture)
Always remember those who have fallen to protect your freedoms.
God bless America. God bless our troops.


Well well well, long time no see!

This is how it usually goes for me. I blog for a while, then I disappear, then I try again. I fell off the 365 wagon during April. April was ca-razy for me! Our families came down for Easter, work was insane, lots going on. Life in general has gotten a lil busy, and we're not even in the full swing of wedding stuff. I'm working on a better time management schedule for myself. 1 or 2 hours a week doing wedding stuff, 1 night a week editing photos and playing in lightroom, and then working on my hybrid assignments for SSD and the other crafty things I want to do. We'll see how it goes. I did pretty well last week, we'll see how this week goes. We're working 4-10's so we can take friday off to go to Jadyn's college graduation. That cuts into "my time" every night by 2 hours, but we'll see what happens.

Anyway, I figured a good old "From Our Blog to Yours" from SSD would be a good way to get back into the swing of things. So, here you go. My Star Wars name.

Your Star Wars Name Is Colbr Mabro

Your Star Wars Title Is Ydacho of Nadroj

What Is Your Star Wars Name and Title?

We're officially less than 5 months away from the wedding, which is NUUUUUUUTS!!! The bridesmaid dresses have arrived which is SUPER exciting. I need to call the bridal store and find out when my fittings will start, but they've had my dress and veil for a few weeks now. So all that is wonderful. Jordan's mom called last night, and there is potential for a problem with the hotel block we set up, so I need to take care of that this week. I'm working on a mock-up of the favors, and will be ordering the final pieces this week as well. I have half of the pieces of the invitations put together, which is awesome. They don't take long to put together, but I think it'll be easier if I put the different pieces together, and then put the entire invitation together. I just LOVE the invitations, I'm so happy with them.

I think that's enough for now. Hopefully tonight I'll get some more photos from the last few months edited and online so I can share. :)

Have a great day!