I'm bored.

So I took some little quizzes, and made a layout. And now I'm sharing, because it's better than writing up a zillion inspection reports.

For one, I'm a pretty ok speller:

Your Spelling is Good

You got 9/10 correct.

Your spelling is generally pretty decent. You are prone to a few mistakes, but the mistakes you make are pretty forgivable.

How's Your Spelling?

2, I'm a concrete and sequential thinker (this is dead on, lol, I HATE ambiguity!!)

Your Thinking is Concrete and Sequential

You are precise, orderly, and realistic.

You tend to get to the point and get things done.

Difficult, detailed work is easy for you. You take things step by step.

Time limits aren't a problem for you either. You work well with deadlines.

What does drive you crazy is any sort of task that isn't precisely laid out.

You don't like anything to be ambiguous. You prefer to deal with the facts at hand.

What Kind of Thinker Are You?

And I'm darn good at spotting famous places from a bird's eye view. 14/16. Damn Bush's ranch (I never get the baseball one right. Ever.)

Now for some shares.
Here's the LO I did for Kim's goodies last week. I can't remember if I posted it or not. Probably not.

This one I really love. Natali Design and Jofia DeVoe make such wonderful things.

And this is just too fun. Traci teamed up with Gina Miller to make "Tisket a Tasket". SUCH a great kit.

Tiger apparently LOVES orange push pops. She's lucky that Jordan usually eats 2, and shares the last of the second one with her. Hence the orange sherbert on her nose. :)

I suppose I'll go back to writing up reports now.
Have a good day!



Man, for real. TGIF. I'm ready for the weekend, even though it's going to be a tad busy. I'm volunteering tonight and tomorrow at 2 shelter events. I don't really want to go tonight, but I'm going to at least go help with set up and decorations. They need a ton of people later on tonight, so I might just stay home and go to bed early. I'm so tired lately. I have to be up at like 8 tomorrow too, for the other event.

This little quiz is today's "From our blog to yours" from SSD. It was cute, and pretty accurate so I thought I'd post for fun. :)

You Are An ESFJ

The Caregiver

You are sympathetic and caring, putting friends and family first.

A creature of habit, you prefer routines and have trouble with change.

You love being in groups - whether you're helping people or working on a project.

You are good at listening, laughing, and bringing out the best in people.

In love, you value harmony and mutual understanding.

You will apologize or give someone the benefit of the doubt, if it means getting over a fight sooner.

At work, you are good at building relationships and connecting with people.

You would make a great nurse, social worker, or teacher.

How you see yourself: Organized, dependable, co-operative

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Opinionated, critical, and know-it-all

What's Your Personality Type?

I've gotten a bunch of LO's done this week, so that's always good. I don't feel so behind on obligations now. I need to make some more little hybrid albums. I think I'm gonna work on that tonight. I want to do one for our Vegas trip, one for our Cabo trip, and maybe one for the FL trip last summer. Maybe I'll get ambitious and do one for hawaii and san fran too, lol. On sunday I'm gonna take a drive (fingers crossed it nice out) out to a scrapbook store. My girl Julie got me a gift certificate to there like a year ago, so I should really go spend it, lol. I'm hoping they'll have some acrylic albums I can play wtih. And some alcohol inks, those look way cool. Once again I've got a million ideas in my head, and not enough time to get them out, lol.

Is it lunch time yet? I'm starving. I think a trip to the NY style deli is in order. I could eat their turkey/bacon/lettuce/tomato/cheese on a toasted egg bagel every day of the week. SO good.

Oh and it's definitely spring. I made my first pitcher of lemonade last night!! This weekend might be ice tea weekend :) I'm hoping to find some plants that do well in the shade and get them planted too. Now it's a mission since Jordan doesn't think I'll do it, lol.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Freebie Template!

I know what you're thinking, "Oh my god! She's blogging 2 days in a row!!" Ca-raaaaaazzzy!!

Well Kim had her big celebration yesterday, and I'm hoping it went well (she might still be recovering, it's rare I blog before her! LOL). But my girl Mikkel started a new blog, and a newsletter, and is awesome. So I hooked her up with a template to give away to her newsletter subscribers. You know what that means right? Right. If you want this:

Then you need to go HERE, to Mikkel's new fantastic blog, and sign up for her newsletter. It'll go out either later today or tomorrow or so. So you might have to exercise some patience. Buuuut it's a pretty sweet template, so it's worth it ;) Plus while you're there, you can download her super cute Birthday cupcake add-on! If you make a LO with it and link it up in the comments by the 28th, you could win a prize!

Ok gotta run. But go!



Go right now to DSO and Kim's store because she is having an amaaaaaaazing sale!! It's her 1 year anniversary of selling at DSO and to celebrate her WHOLE STORE is 60% OFF TODAY ONLY!!!!

I repeat. GO GO GO GO GO!!!! :D The sale is only good TODAY, so hurry up and finish reading, and then scoot over there!

Now, as if that wasn't enough (and we all know Kim, and it isn't! LOL!) She's got 2 fantastic grab bags up too! Both of them are LOADED with more goodies than usual (do I need to repeat myself again? GO!).

There's a commercial use bag:

And a personal use bag:

And as a special treat, if you buy BOTH you get this amazing set of brag book pages Kim's CT put together!! (Well not me, I've got something else up my sleeve now that I have time to breathe, lol!) The brag book pages all coordinate with what's inside the Personal Use Grab Bag.

Phew, all that promoting really takes it out of ya! :P

I've got more to talk about, but for now I'll let you go spend some dough at Kim's store. :)
Have a good day!!