Breathe in.......

Aaaaaaaand breathe out........
So "Focus" has helped me out in small ways so far this year. The little things seem littler, and I've been less aggravated overall.

Today however, seemed to be a big test.
Could I focus and get my work done, when cramps and a migraine were hounding me.
Could I focus on learning something new at work, instead of agonizing over why my boss seemed to be extra annoying.
And the biggest test of all, could I focus myself to remember that I can not control people. That even though something seems like the biggest mistake in the world to me, it's not my mistake, or even my place to judge.


And a little something interesting to pass the time.
Valentine's Day Trivia


Who wants a freebie?

I know most of you are here from Kim's blog, cuz I've got her freebie for today! LOL! I'm not even gonna make you wait until the end of the post to get it either, how nice am I! Your freebie today is a card and envelope set. The preview shows the finished product. The envelope is a full template, you just have to cut it out and fold it up! Instructions are included too. Special thanks to Bree Clarkson for letting me use her envelope template, you rock my socks girl!!

Ok, so now I can ramble. This week stunk. It took forever, and I've been all blah. Woke up this morning with a migraine (my own fault for not remembering to take my meds for like 2 nights) and cramps. I can't wait to get home tonight and relax and have a productive weekend. I want to get a LOT of LO's scrapped. Why you ask? Cuz it's SSD's 2 year anniversary, and the 5 people with the most Sweet Reward Points get entered into a drawing for a Bamboo Fun Tablet or $100 cash!!! How AWESOME would that be?!?! $100 is a LOT of digi-scrap goodness!!

So anyway, here are 2 LO's that got me points so far :o) The first is for the Treat of the Month challenge. I had SO much fun wandering through Erica Webster's gallery. I have like 5 added to my favorites to lift at some point in the future, lol.

And this one I did for the Paper 2 Digi challenge. I really love that challenge, it's so fun to take "real" things and replicate them in digital. I'm loving the softness of this LO.

My head is seriously spinning with all the LO ideas I have in my head. I'm hoping to get a lot of them finished this weekend.

I have practically no photos from vacation, lol. I'm SO bad. I spent a lot of time relaxing in the hotel, plus we were busy doing stuff with the family. And with all the catching up to do, I barely pulled my camera out of my bag. And since point and shoots suck in low light, I got almost NO good photos of the reception. I REALLY need that SLR. Like, ASAP. It's killing me. The photo a day project is really stretching my creativity in photography, but my p&s is holding me back. I've been reading up on photography and I just can't seem to replicate the results with my camera. It's getting frustrating. I think next month I might just dive in and get one. We'll see, I'm sure Jordan will hate that idea, lol.

I had a lot more on my mind when I started this post, but it's mostly escaped me, lol. So I hope you all have a wonderful friday, and a fantastic weekend! I'll be sipping on some Arbor Mist tonight (classy, I know) pretending I'm Kim and it's summer here!

Hugs n Love!


Super Bowl #42 Baby!!!

No one gave the NY Football Giants a chance.

Suck it Tom Brady.
Suck it Randy Moss.
Suck it to the 18 - 1 Patriots whose 1 loss season now means SQUAT.

Resiliency = the 2007 NY Giants

Now excuse me while I go buy out Modell's entire stock of Championship Gear. :o)