I'm back

And this time I SWEAR it's for good, lol. I had a really busy couple of weeks there. Plus I got into a bit of a funk. One of those moods where you don't know where it comes from, or when it's going away, and all you can do is ride it out. Well the ride is over thank goodness! LOL!

Good thing too, KimB has some awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome stuff coming up next week and a big surprise that I can't reveal quite yet. ;o) It's going to be really awesome and everyone is going to want to play along. All of us on her CT have a few tricks up our sleeves too! Lol! It's gonna be a BLAST, but you have to wait til next week to find out, so stay tuned!

Since I've been MIA, I thought I'd post some of the LO's I've done this month. Clicking on any of them will take you to my DST gallery where you can see credits.

This is my first month for my shutterfly calendar. I won 1 free from one of their contests!

This one I did for a challenge at SSD. I took those pictures last fall on a walk with Tiger. I wish the leaves were that pretty this year.

This one started out as a submission for the SUAS contest, but I ended up submitting something else instead. It still feels a little unfinished, but nothing I was adding clicked, so it stayed as is. :o)

And last but not least. This is the LO I did for KimB's last release, "Bug-ing". Super cute kit, I hope lots of you bought it. And if you didn't, I suggest you wait a week before buying it :oP

I think that's all for now. I've got some freebie's in the works (I think I say that every time I post, lol), so stick around. :o) Have a great monday everyone!!



Is there anything

more gut wrenching than a friend who's in a bad emotional place and not being able to help them in any way? It breaks my heart to see one of my closest friends in such a bad place. He's so hurt, and so many people expect so much of him. He can't heal, he can't escape his own head. He's so far away I feel totally helpless. I know he needs more time to deal with everything, I just wish everyone else saw that too. Thank goodness he's moving back home soon. That might be just the medicine he needs. Hopefully he'll get to stop here on his drive to NY and visit and see the new place. That would be the best thing ever.

On another sad note, I finished my LO for Stand Up And Scrap challenge #3. The challenge was to use song lyrics and interesting typography. Lately I've had one song stuck in my head, so I decided to go wtih that one. Except the topic it pertains to is really hard for me. To talk about, scrap about, even think about. The song is "Hear You Me" by Jimmy Eat World, and it reminds me of my best friend Jaclyn. Jaclyn passed away 5.5 years ago in a car accident. We never found out what caused it though. I miss her so much sometimes. I still can't bring myself to go to her grave. I don't know what I'd say. Sometimes when I'm sitting peacefully, just relaxing, I say a prayer to her and make sure she knows I miss her. Scrapping that song was so hard for me. I wanted the page to come out perfect. I'm very satisfied with the page though. Whenever I get it printed I'll have to add a tag or journal on the back of it or something. I didn't include anything other than the song lyrics. I'd share it, but that's not allowed until the contest is over.

I also finished my desktop for October. It came out awesome and I'm working on a template to give away. So stay tuned!

In other, happier news, Jordan has decided that he hates all of the churches in our area and now wants to get married in NY. And at West Point even! It's not what I really want, but it's his wedding too. I won't make him get married somewhere he doesn't want to. It's our wedding, not just mine. He's got too many opinions to just ignore anyway, lol. So we're going to have to go to NY sometime soon and get that ball rolling.

I spent the weekend driving around the east coast and had a GREAT time. A friend flew in from OK as a big surprise and it was so fantastic. We played guitar hero for a zillion hours and I'm now totally addicted, lol. Jordan won't let me buy it yet though, so I might have to wait til Christmas. But I'm mildly obsessed with it now and can't wait to visit someone who has it, lol. I have no shame ;o)

I think that's about all for now. Kim has a new kit coming out and I've got a LO almost done with it, so I'll post that tomorrow. Til then....
*Hugs* n love

~Col :o)


Hurry! Time is running out!

Kim has another AMAZING commercial use grab bag! But hurryyyyyyyy cuz it's not going to be up for too much longer!! $8 for 6 brand new products which will total $35 when released individually!!! I've got 2 LO's here to give you some sneak peaks on what's inside. :o)

So here's one. Jordan took this picture of my parents (while I took it using mom's camera, lol) last weekend at the party we had for my mom. They've been together 29 years now. Apparently they fought when they were engaged, like Jordan and I do now. So that gives me hope :oP

This one I did as an 8.5x11 for a friend. A while back I did one of her female Rottie, so it was time for handsome Murphy to get his page!

Click on both pictures to see credits.

I also FINALLY finished the cover for my EOL album. It sat there for about 3 weeks, patiently waiting for pictures, lol. I love how it came out and I'm excited to get some more pictures taken for the subjects of the pages. I've settled on a 2 page spread per letter, and using 3 topics. So one page gets 1 topic, the main focus for that letter, and the other page gets the other 2 topics. I absolutely LOVE the Stand Up and Scrap kit, I think I'm going to use that one a LOT.

Let's see, what else. I'm working on a new desktop for October. Hopefully I'll finish it today and I can show you guys tomorrow. I think that I'm going to make it into a template to give away, that could be fun.

OH! Head over to Shutterfly and play their fall game! I won a consolation prize of a free calendar! Now I just have to sign up another email or two and see what else I can get :oP

I think that's all for now. I promise I'm cooking up some templates to give away, and I've started the mini kit for the color challenge at DSO. So there's stuff coming I promise! :o)

*Hugs* n love!

PS~I'm headed to NJ on friday and RI on saturday and I can't wait to hang out with some of my friends!!!