Ok so first off, it was brought to my attention that template #8 was inspired by one of Becky Flecks sketches from pagemaps. So she gets inspiration credit for that! Let me explain, lol. Since I've started digi-scrappin a few months ago, I've used post it notes for everything. Drawing up sketches, listing LO credits, lists of wants on store sites, etc etc. I THOUGHT I had kept it all organized and transferred a lot of it over to a small journal that I keep in my purse. Buuuuut everyone makes mistakes and somehow along the way, the inspiration for that sketch never go written down on the post it, and I hven't been over there in quite some time. So I'm trying to be better, but at least a friendly reader brought it to my attention! No harm no foul and no hard feelings hon!

Ok so on to more fun things.
For one, I've decided that DigiShopTalk is the greatest place ever. They have ZERO restrictions on what goes into their gallery, and ZERO limitations on the number of LO's or files or amount you put up there. Amazing! So I'm working on uploading all of my lo's to my gallery over there. Take a peek if you're interested in seeing more of my work!
The other reason I'm loving it, is that there's a super fun "challenge" going on that is really an amazing idea. I'm all about scrapping more about ourselves, and leaving thigns behind so others can see who we are from our own perspective (kids, grandkids, etc). So the challenge is called "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life" and while it sounds like just another "Book of Me" type thing, it's a lot more. You can take it any direction you want, any style you want, etc etc. It's going to start next week I think (maybe the week after) with 2 groups. One for fast scrappers and one for slower scrappers, and anyone can join in at any time. There are so many amazing ideas coming out in the forum, it's so much fun to think of all the different ways you can put your own stamp on this project. So even though I have about 15 million things on my "to do list", I've decided to jump right in. Right now it's in the beginning stages, and people are working on coming up with their list and writing paragraphs, organizing photos, etc. It's going to be a lot of fun, come and play!!

Since today is the 31st, that means it's the last day to get "Dreamsicle" from Songbird Ave and donate to the Make a Wish foundation! The kit is STUNNING. I haven't had a chance to use it yet this month since I haven't scrapped all that much, but it's really a great looking kit. Plus Robin Carlton was part of the collaboration and she's another one of my favorite designers. So go snag it!!

Let's see...what else....I'm sad that I won't be getting the fairy kit from DSO this month. I never got all my challenges done this week. Which stinks cuz it was really pretty. Oh well, I'll have to try again for next month! Lol! I didn't get many of the challenges done over at Sweet Shoppe either. I think that between both forums I have about 25 or 30 challenges I want to do every month, lol! I'm NUTS!!

Well, I think that's about it for today. No freebie, just a nice big ramble. We're going shopping for couches today (yay) and might get some dining room chairs too (fingers crossed!!). We've got a whole bunch of people coming on sunday to party and I'm anxious to get some stuff finished off in the house to show off, lol.

Have wonderful holiday weekends everyone! Enjoy the GLORIOUS return of College Football!! I know I will!!


Break out the bubbly!!

Cuz it's tiiiime to celebrate!! I'm engaged!! WEEEEE!!!

Jordan proposed to me on the 19th while we were on our vacation in Florida and it was magical and romantic and perfect. :o) And I finally have my ring! Lol! He's had it since APRIL! But I'm ecstatic, and so happy and so is he, and both our families. A new house, a ring on my finger, life doesn't get much better!

Or does it? Thank you SO MUCH for all those who voted at GDS last week, because I WON the people's choice award for best layering!! How cool!!! WHOOHOO!! Props to Kim for pimping my LO to get votes too, lol.

And WELCOME to Beth, Kim's newest CT member!! Hooray!! Kim's got a rockin CT if I do say so myself ;o) Speaking of Kim, she's got a fantabulous "Buddy Bag" out over at DSO! She and Bunny teamed up to create yet ANOTHER wonderful grab bag full of designers tools! A $60 value for just $10!! You DEFINITELY should go check it out!!

Since it's been soooooo long, I'm gonna go ahead and post a freebie for everyone to toast to my successes! WHOOHOO! Here's template #8. I'm excited to get a LO done with it, so keep your eyes peeled. And as always, PLEASE, if you use my templates then send me a copy of your LO! I'd love to show more people some love on here!!

You know the drill. No hot linking - send people to my blog, if you download leave a comment and let me know why (what you like about it, etc). The comments I receive are always a big boost in confidence and esteem, so keep em comin! Lol!!

Also, don't forget that the august challenges at DSO are QUICKLY drawing to a close, and this months fairy kit is AWESOME! I've got about 8 LO's to bust out in the next 2 days, lol. But MAYBE I can get some done with all my great vacation pictures :o)

Much love to everyone, it's good to be back. I hope to get back into the template groove and share lots more with you all over the coming months :o) Who knows, if I ever figure out how to stop time I might even get a chance to play with all these fun designers tools I keep buying! Lol!

*Hugs* n Love!



Blog Break!

Hey everyone! It's wednesday night and I haven't packed a single thing. And Jordan still has 2 loads of laundry to do! LOL! Looks like it's gonna be a late night or a rush job in the morning, lol. We fly outta Philly at 2 and I can't WAIT to get to sunny sunny FL. I'm so ready for a vacation, we haven't been on one since last SEPTEMBER! We went to Vegas (and it was def awesome), but that's a really long time to go without a real vacation (3 day weekends don't count for me).

Anyway, I don't have any new freebies to post, just gonna ramble for a bit :-)

KimB has another fantastical designers tool kit up at DSO called "Age It Quick". It's a set of paper folds and tears and holes and it's awesome! AND it's personal AND commercial use ok!!!! I used it on this LO here which is for the Book of Me chalenge over at DSO (and that fun font is part of the font challenge too!)

Click on the link to go to my DSO gallery and see the credits.
Kim's stuff is always awesome and well worth the purchase so go snag it up now before it's back at regular price!

In other news, my "Penn State Old Main" lo (shown in my previous post) has be nominated as a "Best Layering" LO over at GDS! TOOT TOO!!So if you are reading this blog and it's between 8/19 and 8/25, GO HERE AND VOTE FOR ME!!! That would be really super of you!! :-D

When I get back I'm sure Kim will have lots more glorious things for me to play with, hooray! I gotta tell ya, it's pretty awesome being on your favorite designer's CT. My fingers are crossed that I come back from this vacation with oodles of pics to scrap and some BIG news. :-D Keep those fingers crossed for me!

It looks like I might also be a guest CT for Heather Manning in September. See how things go for a trial period and whatnot. She's trying to steal all of Kim's CT ;o) But that's just a testament to how AWESOME we are! WHOOHOO!!
But I do enjoy Heather's stuff, and since she expressed interest (and Kim said she would share :oP) I figured I'd give it a shot. It's always good to get your name out there right? :o)

So. I think. I should pack. :o( I don't really like packing because I am one of those people who packs approximately 15 times too much :oP So this should be interesting considering we're gonna share a suitcase. How am I ever gonna whittle down the giant pile of clothes on my bed! LOL! Better get started!

I hope you all have fabulous weeks and weekends and that I return to find you well.

*Big Hugs*


Crazy monday!

Helloooooooo everyone and happy monday! Did you all have wonderful weekends? I had a nice relaxing one thanks to being the DD on saturday night. But it made sunday morning much more tolerable and we had a great time, so I can't complain. :o)

So first, I've two TOOTs to share! First off, I'm Layout of the Week @ DSO AGAIN! WHOOHOO!! I won it for my "Who Says" LO posted on thursday! How cool!!

And my second TOOT, is that KimB says I'm a Rockin Girl Blogger! Whoohoo!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I know not many people read my blog (most see my template from Ikea and just snag it and move on I'm sure), but a few of you are wonderful enough to stop by and comment on all that goes and leave me love, and for that I am so grateful! So since I've been nominated, I get to pick 5 new rockin girl blogs! Whoohoo!

#1) Kirsty Wiseman aka Limegreenboogiegirl! I first started reading her blog for her glorious overlays, but I've stayed thanks to her wit and amazing photography. It's VERY inspiring for me.

#2) Shandy Vogt! Her use of Swass astounds me and she's a truly genuine and wonderful woman. She's always been very supportive (although she might not even realize it, lol) to me and my work, and is always so pleased to see what I've done using her products. I just love seeing myself on her shines lists, lol!

#3) Misty Cato! Her tutorials have helped me SO much since I first started in the digiscrap world! And her designs are pretty darn awesome too! Plus I love seeing her own work when she posts it. There's always something new I can learn from it!

#4)The Legacy Lady! Since I discovered her blog some 2 months ago, I've stopped by every day to see what new inspiring piece of advise/photo/tutorial she's put up. She writes from the heart and I love hearing what she has to say (and looking at her incredible photographs).

#5) Ikea Goddess of course!! Without whom I probably never would have even started in digital! It's so much easier to start in this medium when you've got so many FREE options out there! I've spent plenty now, but in the beginning, it was all about the freebies, and to be honest, I think it always will! LOL!

There are honestly about 25 blogs I stop by everyday to gain inspiration from but I could only pick 5! So difficult! Lol!

So if you've read this far, then you deserve a gift! A freebie gift of course! So here is template #7 (I promise to get more rectangle templates up and ready soon, I really do!)

Here is the LO I drew inspiration from: Splash!
And here is my own LO for it using KimB's "Bygone Gents" kit of course!

Phew, this is a long post! I think I better quit while I'm ahead ;o) I hope you all enjoy your freebie! I may be able to post another on wednesday (hopefully). We leave for vacation on thursday and won't be back until the 27th pretty late. But I'll have lots of pics to scrap and lots of inspiration to draw from and create new templates for everyone!

Have a great week in case I don't post again!
Lots of love!



Terrific Thursday (and a freebie!!)

Hellooooooooo!! I hope you're all having wonderful weeks and are ready for the weekend! I know I am :o) Spend a few hours trying to understand pre-stressed concrete design, and you would be too ;o)

Speaking of work.....I made a LO yesterday with today's freebie. I used KimB's newest kit, "Bygone Gents". The perfect kit for all those gentlemanly heritage layouts you have to do, but as I show here, very versatile too! And it's ON SALE now for only a few days! So go snatch it up! I really really wish I had heritage pictures to scrap, lol. Next time I'm home I'll have to bug my mom for some.

If nothing else gets done this weekend in the house, it'll be my scrap space. I NEED to get back to work with paper! I've got way too many things piling up to get done. But we do have lots and lots of other stuff done, so I can't complain too much. I need to figure out how to organize all the stuff I keep in the bathroom, that's my only other project I think. Plus we got a TON of tile from Jordan's boss for FREE! So that means those projects will get done WAY sooner, which is nice cuz the guys tore up the linoleum a bit moving the appliances.

Anyway. My lo, "Who Says??" (which in retrospect, "Says who" sounds better, but doesn't flow as well with the journaling underneath...anyway.....):

I must give credit for the inspiration behind this LO and template. I saw this LO in the DigiShopTalk gallery and LOVED it. Mine's a little different, but here's the original, Sisters.

And now, what you've been patiently waiting for, the freebie :o) It's labeled as 10, which is out of order and is driving me nuts, but when I finished it, 7,8, and 9 were in progress. I've since finished them, but wanted to post the LO wtih Kim's new kit, so here's 10, with the others to follow, LOL! RAMBLE!

And don't forget to go check out KimB's newest kit, "Bygone Gents".
That's all for now :o)




Droppin by...

Hi all! Just wanted to pop in and see how everyone is doing. :o) I should have a freebie to post tomorrow, so check back!

I finally got around to creating a new Blog Banner! Whoohoo! I used the new kit I got from Sweet Shoppe Designs - Rockstar, by Dani Mogstad. As soon as I saw it I knew it'd be perfect. I love the bright vibrant colors and teh word art. I bought 2 other kits at SSD but this one worked out best. The others I'll probably use to scrap pics from the (not so) surprise vacation ;o)

In my search to find another forum to participate in and show off Kim's designs, I stumbled upon the forum at Sweet Shoppe Designs. They have some fun and different challenges over there, which is something I LOVE at DSO. Challenges really get those creative juices flowing! Plus, you never have to buy a kit from the shop to participate (like another forum I was looking into). They do a points based reward system to win things from the store or specific designers, which is a lot of fun. Similar to the DSO Fairies Kit they give away based on participation in their challenges, it's just not automatic that you get it (like at DSO). But that's ok, I don't mind not getting things automatically, I have more digi-scrappin stuff than I know what to do wtih I think, lol.

Kim has another new kit coming out on thursday most likely. I'm hoping to play with it at some point today. It'll make me think outside the box, which is always a good thing. :o) I love being a part of her CT. Hopefully I can try and get a few challenges at DSO done with it too. It's always fun combining "assignments"!

Ok, that's enough rambling for now :o) Don't forget to check back tomorrow for a 12x12 template freebie!



The jig is up!

Hey everybody! I hope to get back on track this week and next with some templates. Jordan hooked up his computer (which is what PS is on) so I might be able to steal some time tomorrow on my half day and get some designs done. After that, I'm on vacation! WHOOHOO! That's what the subject of this entry is all about anyway. My mom made a boo boo when my parents were leaving yesterday, and mentioned us going to FL. Apparently all the parents have known about the surprise vacation and when it is for some time now. I suspected we'd be going to FL, but that just confirmed it! LOL! My poor mom felt awful, thinking that she ruined the whole surprise. But I'd suspected it from the beginning and just kept quiet for Jordan's sake. He always called me a ruiner, and said that now he knows where I get it from, LOL! Jordan gave up the goods after they left and told me when we'd be going. 10 days and 11 nights in sunny sunny FL! I can't wait!! It'll be so good to be on vacation. Fingers crossed I get the ring that's been sitting on top of his dresser for 4 months, lol!!

So as a special thanks for you all being so patient with my craziness, I decided to create a mini kit using DSO's color challenge color swatch (which happens to be hosted by KimB! LOL).

I hope you all enjoy it, I had a blast making it. And if you make a LO using it, or just using the colors, go post it in the color challenge thread @ DSO and you'll get another kit of the same colors that Kim made as a posting gift thank you! So much fun!! I might have to start playing with more options in PS and really think about designing my own stuff. Cuz this was fun!!

Not too much else to report I guess. The meeting of the parents went wonderfully, as I knew it would. The men switched around all our appliances in the kitchen so the newer stuff is in there now. The fridge is AMAZING! Lol! It's the little things in life, right? :o) I hope to get the dining room set up by the end of the week. I was going to hang things in the living room, but I'm anal and want the large picture centered on the couches, and since we're getting new ones, I don't want to hang it yet.

Today is Jordan's birthday, but we celebrated this weekend for the most part. He'll get a lil somethin tonight though. :oP Tomorrow I have a half day, which is always nice. I need to run some errands and go to a dr's appt, but other than that I'm free!

I hope you all are doing well and enjoyed all those templates at Kim's last week. :o)

That's all for now I think. :-)