The jig is up!

Hey everybody! I hope to get back on track this week and next with some templates. Jordan hooked up his computer (which is what PS is on) so I might be able to steal some time tomorrow on my half day and get some designs done. After that, I'm on vacation! WHOOHOO! That's what the subject of this entry is all about anyway. My mom made a boo boo when my parents were leaving yesterday, and mentioned us going to FL. Apparently all the parents have known about the surprise vacation and when it is for some time now. I suspected we'd be going to FL, but that just confirmed it! LOL! My poor mom felt awful, thinking that she ruined the whole surprise. But I'd suspected it from the beginning and just kept quiet for Jordan's sake. He always called me a ruiner, and said that now he knows where I get it from, LOL! Jordan gave up the goods after they left and told me when we'd be going. 10 days and 11 nights in sunny sunny FL! I can't wait!! It'll be so good to be on vacation. Fingers crossed I get the ring that's been sitting on top of his dresser for 4 months, lol!!

So as a special thanks for you all being so patient with my craziness, I decided to create a mini kit using DSO's color challenge color swatch (which happens to be hosted by KimB! LOL).

I hope you all enjoy it, I had a blast making it. And if you make a LO using it, or just using the colors, go post it in the color challenge thread @ DSO and you'll get another kit of the same colors that Kim made as a posting gift thank you! So much fun!! I might have to start playing with more options in PS and really think about designing my own stuff. Cuz this was fun!!

Not too much else to report I guess. The meeting of the parents went wonderfully, as I knew it would. The men switched around all our appliances in the kitchen so the newer stuff is in there now. The fridge is AMAZING! Lol! It's the little things in life, right? :o) I hope to get the dining room set up by the end of the week. I was going to hang things in the living room, but I'm anal and want the large picture centered on the couches, and since we're getting new ones, I don't want to hang it yet.

Today is Jordan's birthday, but we celebrated this weekend for the most part. He'll get a lil somethin tonight though. :oP Tomorrow I have a half day, which is always nice. I need to run some errands and go to a dr's appt, but other than that I'm free!

I hope you all are doing well and enjoyed all those templates at Kim's last week. :o)

That's all for now I think. :-)



Shell said...

Thanks so much & hope you have a wonderful & safe time in FL.

Heather said...

Very nice! Awesome colors! Kim did a great job picking them and you did an awesome job playing with them! Glad you liked the overlays!


Maria said...

Thank you! This blog post has been added to the freebies list at digifree.blogspot.com

Lani said...

i love these colours! You've done a great job with your kit!

Michelle said...

Thank you so very much!

Kim Broedelet said...

Hey chicken- mmm we both have LEO's?? hahahahaha, glad the meeting went well! And um the big pic above the couches sounds about right! LOL- did that with one I painted too- was in the diningroom in the "old house" now above the couches in out new house-ROTFLMAO! The kit looks awesome! Well done

Shannon said...

Great job on the mini-kit and hope you get that ring! :)

Gayle said...

Thanks for the cute mini kit! Love the crocheted flowers! :)

PSharp said...

Lovely. Thank you.