Holy Moly I'm Alive!

Hey everybody!! I just wanted to pop in real quick and say hello and that I'm alive. We closed on our house last thursday, and things have been KA-razy ever since! Lol! The closing went well, painting is somewhat complete, and the unpacking has begun.

Naturally, I'm still pretty busy at work. I ran out of my stockpile of template freebies and haven't been able to work on any new ones. But don't worry, I have a whole little notebook full of ideas. It's just a matter of getting them into photoshop and uploaded for you to use, lol.

I hope to have things somewhat set up by the end of this week. Our parents are meeting for the first time on saturday, and my parents are coming to see the house for the first time (Jordan's helped us move on thursday). So I want to get lots done so show an almost finished product.

While I'm gone and working my butt off, you should definitely stop by KimB's blog. Her hubby's birthday is thursday and we're doing the celebrating for him! Lol! Template freebies all week I believe! Whoohoo!! PLUS, she has an amazing new designers grab bag kit in stores at an INCREDIBLE price. You'd be FOOLISH not to go snag it up right now before it all hits the shop at regular price. GO GO GO!!

I'm hoping to have something done with some of the stuff on thursday to post. The kit really is an amazing deal, as well as commercially licensed.

So don't forget. Stop by Kim's blog for freebies all week, and head on over to the DSO store to pick up her Designer's Grab Bag.

OH! And the new challenges have started for August! SO MUCH FUN! I highly recommend them :o)

For now.
*Hugs* n Love



grambie said...

Congratulation on surviving the move. I do not envy you that job. I hope you will enjoy your new home and your first responsibility is to your family. It will take you a while to even try to get everything the way you desire. Thanks for the lovely templates that you have given me. They are just awesome.

I am in from Hematology for more testing. It is indeed so tiring. But, I can always look forward to visiting your blog and having something of interest to read. So take care and I will be back after I have my out-patient survery. They are implanting a part-a-cath so that I can continue my Oncology treatment. So leaving Love and Many HUGS!!!

Kim Broedelet said...

Glad to hear you "made it"!! LOL- Been a HECTIC week for me too with all these B-day celebrations and new challenges! Thanks so much for the "toot-toot". Going to eat supper now ( which Wayne cooked-haha) and get this hangover A$$ to the couch! Good luck with the folks meeting-you'll be fine! Sending hugs and loves