Holy Moly!!!

Holy Moly is right!! I blurted out yesterday on Kim B's comments about how much I love her designs and could only hope to be a part of her creative team one day. And she emailed me, and now I AM!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY ME!!!!!

I'm still a little bit in shock, lol! But I can't wait to get started making a few LO's with her amazing "All That Jazz" kit! I swear I'll stop using exclamation points soon! LOL

Ok, I'll post some more later, I was just bursting with excitement and had to share! And check out my blinky over there!! Hooray!!


KateHill2003 said...

Woo Hoo for YOU! I love Kim B's stuff too! You will have so much FUN!!!

Bunny said...

ok, posting again since it ate the first one!

I said...

Yay! Im so happy for you getting on KimBs CT, and triple yay on the house! We just got ours last month, and its the scariest most exciting thing I have ever done!


Im so proud of you, and I dont even know you, hahahaa!!!

Im such a weirdo!