Crazy Day

Hey everybody! Today has been a little crazy. We tried to go to the urgent care center to get my face checked out yesterday but they were closed. I woke up this morning and my face was still all swollen. We drove past on the way to work but naturally it wasn't open yet. So we went back an hour or so later. $50 later, there's nothing wrong, lol. The Dr. said that basically several things were working against me, but it was nothing to be too concerned about. The forehead can only swell so much since there isn't much up there other than bone. Gravity basically brought the venom down to my nose and eye area, and there's much more there to swell. So it was just a delayed reaction, and yesterday was probably the worst of it. It's still a little uncomfortable today, but my misery should be over soon.

I have to try and finish writing this ridiculous report today. I just have no idea how to finish this last part and naturally BOTH of my bosses are out today. Super.

3 weeks!!!! Only 3 weeks left til our closing date. Come oooon father time! Let's speed things up a bit!!

Since there were approximately a billion 4th of July celebration kits posted tuesday and wednesday, I don't feel so bad about not getting one out. Maybe my design skills will be honed enough to do something for Labor Day. I might just start right now! LOL

Here's a picture of my cutie I took yesterday. She was so cute and crawled up on the couch to lay with me in my misery in the morning.

I know it's not a great pic, but she's still cute ;o)

This is a LO I did today. The picture is from Mark's email (which I posted yesterday). He was re-enlisting one of his soldiers for another 5 years of service. The quote just seemed appropriate.

Credit to: Shandy Vogt for the papers from her "Spangled Glory Addon" (and if you head over there and make a LO with it and send it to her she's offering her whole Spangled Glory kit for free!), the brad and tags are from Jannidee from her portion of the Liberty Mega Freebie Kit, the easy paperclip is from Kim B's "Born in the USA" freebie, and the journal paper is from Journals2 by Tracy Drane aka Dranet.

I haven't had a chance to zip up some of my rectangle template freebies. We're going away for the weekend tonight so I won't be on til sunday, but I'll post a template then for sure!!

Have great days and nights and weekends everyone!!

*HugS* n love,



Becky said...

I love you patriotic layout!

Kari said...

this is beautiful!