Ramble and a freebie

Happy Thursday all!
Not too much going on today. I haven't had time to play, I've been busting my butt on this report. Who new you had to do a preliminary design on this stuff before suggesting you use it! LOL At least I don't get too bored here. That's a plus.

I also want to take a second and say thanks to everyone who reads and comments in here and on the 4shared links. I really appreciate it and your comments always make me smile! So keep em comin!! :o)

Today is officially 2 weeks until the move. I really really need to read our HOA documents and get moving on the deck plans if we're gonna get the built this fall. Note to self...... :o)

Today is really dragging. It feels like it should be so late, but it's not even 3pm! Crazy. I hate slow days. At least tomorrow is a half day and I get to go get my hair done. No more roots please thank you. Plus everyone always better about life with a fresh hair cut ;o) I have to stop by the LSS and snag some gifts for a birthday exchange swap in one of my groups, so that should be a lot of fun.

On the subject of paper scrapping, CHA is right around the corner and I'm going a little insane. I've just barely gotten all the stuff I wanted from the winter CHA! And Basic Grey (my FAVORITE company) has 5 new lines out! Naturally I want 4 of them! LOL! And it'll all come out AFTER the big move when I'll be forced into a budget and penny pinching. No fair!!

So here's a new 12x12 template for ya. I didn't get a chance to play with it and make a LO, but I might try and do it tonight. I'll post tomorrow if I can. Jordan got the full and glorious version of CS2 on his computer the other night so I'm all set to play! I've been unzipping files onto the external HD the past few nights. I need to make 2 more cd's of stuff on the work comp to take home tomorrow. Don't tell Jordan but I have around 10GB of digiscrappin stuff on the work server! EEK! I started going through and deleting kits that I don't use. Now that I'm really into it I'm much pickier about what I DL and buy, so that's good. I cleared out around 4 GB the other day, so I figured that's a good start.

Right, the freebie. :o) Enjoy! I'd love to see what you come up with!!

Have glorious days and nights my friends!



grambie said...

Just stopping by to say hello. So cute is your template design in 12x12. Love the multiple use of blocks along with that crazy arrow. A perfect design indeed.

I love my letter-size templates that you have given me & others and congratulate you on your template diversity. So nice to visit & leave a little love. HUGS!!!

Kim Broedelet said...

Hey girl- well it's nearly 1am and I need to get this ass into bed hahahaha! Oh boy the "clean up"- LOL, I did that too once i started getting a little more fussy on freebie stuff- hee hee. Got some more overlays for you to play with but will upload them tomorrow. And thanks for the 10 minutes! LOL- Sleep tight and I'm off to LALA land- chat tomorrow! PS- I LOVE THIS TEMPLATE!! Going to come in handy for sure!

Michelle said...

Thank you very much!!

JillSF said...

Thanks Col - this looks great! I will enjoy using it.

Myxi said...

Thanks so much for the template.
The Great Scrap Clean-Up. Sounds like a scrap yard sale LOL!

HeatherB said...

First of all, thank you, ...this is a great template. I got your link from Ikea Goddess, but I see we play in the same sandbox (Shandy Vogt).

Yes...I'm a bad one for d/l too, and I just need to find time to go through and prune. I'm definitely finding my style and preferences and there are quite a few things I want to archive to DVD (I just can't bring myself to actually delete anything yet!).

olga9999 said...

I love the photos of your dog and the dogs you help to rescue and re-home. They are beautiful photos and beautiful animals. It's really nice the work you made with them :)

And about the craziness scraping and downloading, I share it too. I had to start being more picky otherwise my computer will kill me LOL

The template is great, thanks so much for sharing it. :) Have a great weekend and best wishes. :O)

KateHill2003 said...

Love this template! I'll squash it down to 8x10 and probably use it tonight! I have just the photos and some fun new stuff I bought and I'm itching to use!

Melusine said...

Great template, thank you so much :)

Sharon Kay said...

WOW love it love it love it! thank you thank you