Phew, what a weekend!

Hi all! Did everyone have a good weekend? I know I did :o) And I've got the sunburns to prove it! (Lesson learned, always wear at least SOME sunblock when going to the lake all afternoon, lol). We went out to western MD for the weekend and had a great time. Jordan's family is great and a lot of fun. His mom let me use her golf clubs on friday and I actually didn't do half bad! I hit a whole mess of balls pretty well. So I took comfort in that and blame my poor first performance on the mens clubs, lol. Jordan's a good golf teacher. There's still room for LOTS of improvement, but I'm excited about getting better at this sport!

Saturday we got to go to the lake for the afternoon and relax. We went out on the pontoon boat and Tiger had no problems! I was curious to see her reaction but I got none, lol. She was as happy on the boat as she was on the dock. AND we got her to actually jump off the dock! I was so excited! But naturally she did it when I was in the water and thus didn't have my camera ready. Son of a b! There were 2 other dogs, the owner of the dock's 2 year old unneutered males. A yellow lab and a chocolate lab, both from teh same litter? Weird. Patton was the yellow lab and was obsessed with Tiger. He wanted to hump her, but was also really cute and licked her face, and when he had her toy and she came over he's drop it to her like a present. SO CUTE! I was so excited and happy to see Tiger having fun with other dogs. As long as she could bark at Patton and run away she had a grand old time. We got her thoroughly exhausted, which is always our mission, lol! I got some good pics of her too:

I'm going to work up a LO for my new rectangle template. Hopefully I can bust that out quickly and use it for the quote challenge as DSO, lol. I'm all about killing 2 birds with 1 stone! For the time being though, here's the freebie for today. Rectangle Template #2.

I hope you're all having good days! And if it's not stiffling hot like it is here, I hope you're enjoying the summer. :o)

*Hugs* n love



Kim Broedelet said...

Hey you! Eventually managed to pop on to say Hi- EEK it's been a hectic last week and now still running after my own tail! LOL LOL- Glad the golf went well- and YUP, lady's clubs make a HUGE difference! They have different shafts to mens- have more flex for our "slower" swing speeds- LOL. And at this stage I will swop my cold ASS for your sunburn ANYDAY- hahaha. Thanks for the template! I need those at the moment as time is a little short!
MWAH and hugs

Myxi said...

Thanks so much for the template!

Nicole said...

I almost always scrap in 8.5x11, so this template is very much appreciated. Finally one I won't have to resize:) Thank you.

grambie said...

1st time visitor through IdeaGoddess' listing. Thanks for the lovely letter-sized template with two-photo placement. Your design has more than ample room for journaling, which is a positive indeed. So nice to read about your exploration with the golf & relatives. Definitely will come again. HUGS!!

grambie said...

I just had to come back & say to you thanks for hearing my suggestion made to you through a visit. I did not download then, but I have definitely made up for it today. I have placed you in my favorites, to remember to visit & say HI, rather it is square or rectangular. So this is actually my 2nd visit, but my 1st to receive your fantastic designs. Leavin LUV!! XOXOXO

Michelle said...

Thank you very much! I've been wanting to try rectangle pages and now I can!

mel said...

thanks so much for the templates!
much love,

Maria said...

Thank you for your beautiful freebie! Your blog post has been added to the freebies list at digifree.blogspot.com