Sharin the loooooooove

Ok so first off, I need to thank you all. Your support during this whole Michael Vick thing made me realize that I'm not insane, and it's ok to get worked up about stuff like this. I don't rant all THAT often, so it was a little weird of me. Thankfully, almost all of his sponsors have dropped him, and the Falcon's are pressuring him to take a leave of absense which could potentially last ALL SEASON! YES!
I know a lot of people are upset that the NFL hasn't stepped in and flat out suspended him, but I'm ok with waiting for further investigation to be done into the matter. If he actually is innocent (which I know my heart he is NOT) I'd hate to see harsh penalties for misconduct disappear completely from the NFL and other professional sports, on a mistake. If harsh penalties further down the line are going to be enforced, I think the commissioner needs to take his time with the discipline. Who knows, maybe the wait will be worth it and he'll be banned from the NFL all together. :o)
We had a good weekend, did everyone else? We had our company picnic on saturday. Free MD crabs, free beer, outside on the bay. Awesome. We had a great time. We decided to bring Tiger along and she was a HUGE hit! Everyone loved her, and she loved all the attention, lol. She ate sooooo much people food it's not even funny. The CFO brought her food everytime he came over, which was A LOT! LOL!! I forgot to snap any pics, but it was a really nice day.

3 days. 3 days. 3 days. Holy crap 3 days!! (Can ya tell I'm excited?!)

So I've got a BUNCH of LO's to share with everyone before the freebie template :o)
First off, is a LO by Julie using my rectangle template #3:

GREAT job Julie! Thanks so much for sharing, your kitty is just too cute!!

Next up from KimB! She used my template #6 and her new "Pretty Twisted" kit. Great job Kim and thanks for the shout out! :o)

Next up are 2 of my own creations. The first I made for a friend who is down, using my rect temp #3:

Credits: Overlay by KimB "Inflight Overlays - #5, everything else from Robin Carlton and Christy Lyle's "Girl Next Door - It Girl" kit from the Sweet Shoppe

And this one is my template #5 using all KimB's "Pretty Twisted".

Kim's stuff just speaks to me, I loooove playing with it!!
While I'm posting all these LO's, here's a paper version of my template #6, and where I got the inspiration from (it was a posted sketch in a group somewhere, so I figured I'd make it a template since I loved it so much!):

Phew, this is a long one! LOL!
I also want to say oh my goodness! Because the response to my scalloped paper templates was amazing! I'm so so so happy that so many of you enjoyed them AND left me comments! It's such a nice stroke of the ego ;o) Keep your eyes peeled for another set coming in a few weeks perhaps.
Ok ok, here's what you really want. Rectangle Template #4!

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to the week :o)


Nicole said...

Thank you for the great template. The LO's you shared were awesome. Great inspiration.

grambie said...

So glad to stop by and visit since I just got in from another Dr's appointment. So nice to see the results of your handiwork when viewers send you a copy of your templates with their added touches. A beautiful collection of various paper designs, lovely color schemes, and fabulous photos. Thanks for sharing these lovely layouts.

I almost missed the template as I was so busy readying the blog. Thanks again for another rectangular-shaped template to add to your growing supply list. Love the sleekness of the boxed effect within your design. So glad I visited you. HUGS!

Michelle said...

Rant away!!! I think that the NFL is playing their cards properly just in case so that other professional sports won't do away with harsh punishment. Thank you for another great template!!

Kimberly said...

That's a great template. Thanks so much for sharing.

Myxi said...

Thank you so much for sharing your template with us.

mel said...

thanks so much for the freebie! love it!
much love,

Maria said...

Thank you so much for the gorgeous freebie! This blog post has been added to the freebies list at digifree.blogspot.com

Deborah Misfit said...

WOW - great templates - I am in love with them all. And I am so proud of you for working with animals! I worked at a non-profit Humane Society and loved it! My health made me leave them. But it's always great to know that someone is helping! Thanks for the download today!

PSharp said...

Wonderful template. Thank you.

Kim Broedelet said...

Hey girlfriend!! I've got to tell you that I love those templates!! Thanks for the *love* and come on hurry up- I want to see the results of the "tut"- hahaha- Ok OK- I'll give you grace- you must be packing your ass off! Don't get toooo excited now- or should we just say- OOPS TOOO LATE- ROTF!! Good luck with the move sweets- hope it all goes smoothly and wishing you all the love and richest blessings in your new home!

Kim Broedelet said...

Hey you- Unpacked yet??? ROTFLMAO- oooh now that's a job! hahahahahaha! I'm tearing my HAIR out today- can't get a page open- have to do it like 5x before it will "stick"!! GGRRRR! So I'm sending you this *HI* through grinding teeth! LOL- just wanted to see how you were doing and sending you hugs!