Quick LO

Here's a LO I did using Kim's "All That Jazz" for the lyric challenge over at DSO.


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Kim Broedelet said...

Hee hee- eventually I have time to come and read ( it's 6am on a SAT morning- what the hell am I thinking!!! LOL)Hope the face is better today?? And I LOVE your LO girl!!! Gee's that was a NICE surprise this morn! You two make a VERY cute couple! I see Renee gave a HI- heehee, yeah we SAfricans can yabber- TRUST me! lol. Beautiful sentiments for the 4th by the way- not being American and also NOT into politics makes me "an outsider" on the war thing- but I do feel for all the "boys and men" that leave their loved ones behind!! And for the loved ones sitting at home waiting! Hope you have a AWESOME weekend! And EEEK girlfriend don't rush time- LOL LOL, it goes by with a blink of the eye! hahaha- but I know how exciting getting a house is!!
Loves and hugs