Hi everyone! Did you all have good weekends? I did again :o) I broke my promise to Kim about trying not to havetoooooo much fun (aka getting too drunk) but she broke it too from the sounds of it, lol. So we're even!

We went down to our friends in VA again, so that means pics of Tiger in the pool! She must be getting more comfortable with this whole swimming thing. Apparently her butt floats, so she felt no need to climb all the way onto the little seat like she did last time!Lol!
"Look Ma! My butt floats!"

We decided to see if the dogs would play nice. Poor Dexter is a grumpy old man and couldn't care less, lol. Here she was jumping around him while he just stood there (as if praying for her to leave him alone).

My friend Angela is new to digiscrappin and tried her hand at my template #5. She did awesome!!

I can't get Jordan's wireless mouse and keyboard to work, so unfortunately for me, I won't be getting any designing done. :o( Not until maybe tonight, if he stops playing his video game. I was excited to get a whole bunch done this afternoon so I'm a little disappointed, but such is life.

Monday seems to be rectangle template day. So here's #3!

I'm off to paper scrap since I get on the other computer (this lappy here doesn't run fast enough to handle CS2). I've got a baby album project I need to finish this week.
Have a good night everyone!!



KateHill2003 said...

Another great template... I wish we could teach Ginger to swim. We took her down to a lake and she was more interested in baking at and biting the little waves lapping at the shore than going in.

grambie said...

Oh my what a wonderful surprise. I decided to visit although I am so sleepy. This is my Oncology week from 8 a.m. to est 4:30 for the next four more days. I am blessed because I have no negative reactions, but just get so sleepy. Everytime they came to check on me, I was sleeping. I hope I can sleep tonight. So if you and your viewers have any free time, give a little thought for me.

Love your photoshots at the pool. I can see everyone enjoying themselves while have fun just talking and playing. Those dogs are really something in that photo. It brings a smile to my face. Love the multiple use of buttons on your template. It conveys happiness and fun, so first thought is my grandchildren. I know just the kit to use. The layout is perfect and unique to you. Leavin LUV! XOXOXO

Maria said...

Thank you so much for the gorgeous freebie! This blog post has been added to the freebies list at digifree.blogspot.com

Myxi said...

Thank you so much! Our little Pom likes to get in the pool but, she wants to be on the raft...lol!

Michelle said...

Thank you for another awesome template!!

Kim Broedelet said...

HEE HEEE HEEEE,oh boy- have been meaning to pop in the whole week!! LOL- Been doing a little "together" time on the couch with the hubby- an UM_ YES!! Seems we are two peas in that "alcohol" pod! LOL- Will send you a pic later of the wonderful colour my drink was! LOL- Great Templates girlfriend!
Going to the next post!

Julie said...

I love the template! Will work on it tonight! Thanks!!!

scrapsara said...

Love the pics of your 4-legged baby! Seems like a lot of fun and a sweetie too! My Alaskan Malamute would love to play with your dog LOL!! He play bows a lot when he is playing with other dogs and it is so cute!! thanks for all of the templates that I missed commenting on! :)