Bees, golf, and a Freebie!

Did you all have a glorious weekend? I know I did! We had some really great weather here. Not too hot, not too humid, juuuuuuust right. Perfect summer time weather. Saturday we were lazy, then ran some errands, then were lazy again. :o) I love that J-man and I can just hang out in the living room together (not even on the same couch, lol) and enjoy each other's company and be happy. It's really nice.

Sunday dawned a glorious morning! We snuggled for a while and watched tv, and let Tiger up on the bed for some TLC. She's such a mush. I got some cute shots of her using blankets and my pj's for a pillow, lol. I'll get it uploaded tonight and post tomorrow hopefully. It's always good to have a few more pictures of her to scrap, as if I didn't have a zillion already, lol. So after snuggling and some baking (I made muffins like I seem to do every weekend) we decided to go to the driving range and teach me how to golf!

Here's where the bee comes into play. Since it was such a nice day out, we were driving with all the windows open instead of using the AC in the car. All of a sudden I felt something smack into my forehead. I jerked to the side, when I felt something crawling on my head! So I swiped at it with my hand. Turns out, a bee flew in (or got sucked in) through the window and stung me! Thank goodness I'm not allergic. I think swiping it away also stopped the stinger from getting me too bad. I still have a big bump on my forehead, but it's pretty small (big as in size, not height, small as in height) so it's not very noticeable, thank goodness, lol. It still hurts though!

So we continued up to the driving range. I had a hole in my forehead that itched, but I didn't do TOO horribly. I'll tell you what though, golf is hard! There are about a zillion things you have to try to remember. I know that the more I practice the better I'll get, and then I won't have to think as much. But for now, yowzas! I kept practicing bringing the club up the right way, but then I'd bring it down totally wrong, lol. And several times when I used the woods, my swing ended up in front of the ball and it shot between my legs, lol. OOPS!! We're going to go back on wednesday since we have off for the 4th of July (stay tuned for a possible 4th of July special!). J-man's mom has clubs that I might be able to use when we go back there this weekend, so we'll play 9 holes or so I think. I doubt I'll be able to take much more than that, lol. I'll just get drunk and drive the cart :o)

Ok ok, you've been patiently waiting I know! First, here's the LO that Amy made with my template #2! It's gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing Amy!

And now for my freebie and a LO share. I made this LO for a friend using my template #4.

All papers and elements from Tao Cosgrove's Art journal Collection Biggie available at Scrapgirls.com, photo overlay is "Tickle" by Kirsty Wiseman.

And here's the template!

I'm going to play wtih some more rectangle templates today I think. And possibly some simple elements too. Something easy to start off my designing adventures.

Have glorious days and nights!


Michelle said...

Thank you for another wonderful template!

Kim Broedelet said...

WAKE UP!!! LOL, GOLF?? Want to play nine holes? You had me in stitches with the woods story- when I started I sort of got tangled up and the ball shot out STRAIGHT SIDEWAYS and Um hit the poor guy in the "very soft spot" standing watching next to the tee! ROTF- he hid behind a tree everytime he saw me from that moment on! I nearly died of embarrasement- You always seem to remind me of my embarrasing moments- hahahahaha. I think I'll be making a "golf" freebie soon to go with that story- ROTF!!! Chiko- give me a e-mail when you have the time- want to discuss something with ya- kbroedelet@telkomsa.net
And cute template- becoming a pro!! Chat later

KateHill2003 said...

Great template! Thanks. Muffins, huh? Cunningham Muffins? Here at Cunningham Muffins we make the BEST muffins! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNxwAU_xAMk

NinaJo said...

Congrats on your new CT Position with KimB, you'll do great! Thanks for the template!

Mesokee said...

come to see my blog girl I made a lo with your template TFS so much ;-)

Megan B said...
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