Super Saturday and a Rectangle Template

Phew, what a week! Thursday I was swamped but managed to finish off another template, and friday was a mess! LOL! One of my bosses wants me to take on some of the more administrative details of a bridge replacement project, which is great because it means learning new things. The only problem is that I'll probably spend the whole thing not knowing wtf I'm doing! LOL I'm currently writing an alternate study for the county. It's not difficult per se, it's just WAY annoying. Give me a program and a pain in the butt project over writing reports ANY day, lol.

Anyway, Beth was kind enough to email me with a LO she did using my template #3 and it's fantastic! Thanks so much for letting me share it Beth!

Amy has used my template #2 (slightly altered) to create a wonderful lo. As soon as she gives me the ok I'll post it right here!:o)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here's the rectangle template that I used for the LO I shared on wednesday! I hope you like it. I really enjoyed making it and I might even start digi-scrappin this size just so I can print my own. We'll see :o)

You know the deal. Give me credit, no direct links, etc etc. It's all in the TOU :o)

I'm off to paper scrap for a while. I've got some projects I really need to knock out, and some cards to make for friends. Check back on monday for a new 12x12 template!



PSharp said...

Thank you for sharing your great template.

KateHill2003 said...

Thanks for the great template, Col! Go check out my "dog tale" on my blog. You of all people would truly appreciate it.

KateHill2003 said...

I was born in New Rochelle, but grew up in New Jersey. How lower NY were you? My aunt lives in Annapolis now and we go there once a year. I love it there!

Miranda Buijs said...

Love this template...thanx

Nicole said...

When I saw the title of the last rec. template was #2, I just had to find the #1:) Thanks again.

grambie said...

While browsing I found this additional letter-size template and was indeed happy for the visit. In other words, a two-for-one download. I really love these two templates that I have seen in this size, along with your regular square templates which are also fantastic. So thanks again. I definitely am glad to see this size for page scrapping. HUGS! XOXOXO!!