Mondays generally suck

But today is pretty darn good! I chatted with my boss and we agreed to some hours to work. 5 hours monday and friday, 10 hours tues, wed, thurs. That way the BF and I can commute together but I'll still be in each day of the week so no one else in the dept. gets jealous. 2 half days a week? Can't complain about that!

I loaded "Memory Mixer" onto my lappy at home, and let me tell you. Compared to CS2 it is a let down. I couldn't figure out layers, the quick pick book I DL'd from the Shabby Shoppe didn't work, and it's generally a very frustrating program right now. I'm sure if I play with it more I can figure stuff out, but I was hoping to breeze through some digi lo's this weekend. So much for that.

The BF and I decided on some paint colors for the new house, so that is exciting. We also thought out a plan of action for the big move. Of course things could change, but for now I'm very happy with where we are at with the whole situation. Only 45 days left.......

I suppose I should work for this last hour. Then I'm going home and taking Tiger for a nice walk, and hoping to bang out a few paper scrappin pages for my "Hobbies" mini album. I've got pretty much everything cut out so I should be able to bust out the pages pretty quickly.


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