Good Ole Hump Day!

Not so good right now, LOL! Photshop just crashed and I had a beautiful glorious LO to show you! :o( So sad. It was so cute and I played with new things I'd learned and everything. I'll try and do it again this afternoon. We'll see. It's based off an 8.5x11 template I created. I've never scrapped that size before, but it's not too bad. I like the page composition of it so it works. I might start scrapping that size more (digitally) just so I can print them myself instead of sending away for them. The Epson Stylus Photo R1800 will not be in my possession for a long time. I think I'd rather get a digital SLR first anyway.

Not too much going on in this lil part of the world. We figured out why the house smelled so bad despite lighting candles and giving Tiger a bath. Our idiot roommate downstairs left CRABS somewhere. Ugh. On monday the smell was so bad I couldn't stand to be in my own bedroom for more than a minute! Thankfully that's over with. And only 29 more days left to live with him. ::sigh:: Lol.

Summer tv stinks. That's my only other rant for right now. I've got "The Closer" on monday nights, but that's about it! OH! I forgot that tonight is So You Think You Can Dance. I have so much fun watching that show! Oh yay, that makes me happier, lol.

Ok gotta do more work. Then hopefully I can recreate my masterpiece, lol. I'll put a template up tomorrow probably, so stay tuned!

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