Poop Face

Yes, you read that correctly. Poop face. (Yes, yes I'll explain, just hold your horses!)

We're doing a monthly team challenge over on Bree's Team Blog called Mix It Up. Once a month, we pick a template, and then scramble it all up and make something TOTALLY different with it, and then show the LO's off. A lot of people think that once they use a template, that's it, game over. NO WAY MAN!! That's what we aim to show you with the Mix It Up posts (the challenge will be up sometime today). Kim picked a LO from Bree's newest Collection, #23:

As soon as I saw the 3 smaller photos, I knew I wanted to do a LO with my scanned pics of my brother and sister and I as babies. So next, I hunted for pics of us as babies in similar positions. I had a few to choose from for my brother and sister, but there was really only one for me. So, I edited the pics, changed them to a sepia tone to match the kit I was using ("Heart Strings" by Laurie Ann) and went to town. I REALLY like how it turned out. I used all the pieces that came in the template and didn't even resize or change them. I just moved them into different positions (and changed the large photo to a block in the center. Here's the LO:


So I'm in the top left, Caitlin is top right, and Patrick is on the bottom (hence the little monogram type letters on the photos). Now, look at that face I am making. If that is not a "I'm pooping" baby face, then I don't know what is. I STILL cannot stop laughing just looking at it!! What a moment to catch on film, thanks Mom and Dad! Hahahahahaha! Oh goodness, I love it.

So last weekend Jordan went through the GIANT PILE of clothes that has been sitting in the corner of our bedroom for over a year now, waiting to be sorted and taken over to Goodwill. I decided that instead of holding onto some 10 pairs of jeans that no longer fit, I was going to donate them. I'm tired of the subconscious pressure I put on myself to lose weight every single time I opened the closet and saw those jeans. So, peace out jeans! Hello clear conscience!
I bought 2 new pairs of American Eagle jeans, and I feel like a new person. Yes, they're a size 12 and it still makes me cringe a little to think that (I thought 10 was bad enough), but they FIT! Comfortably! No doing lunges in the morning in a lame attempt at stretching them out to make them easier to get on! I feel good in the morning. It feels awesome.
Yea, I still wanna lose weight. We're getting an exercise bike for Christmas and I hope to get myself on it M/W/F and really make an effort at it. But you know what? If I don't, I'm not gonna let it get to me. I look HAWT in my wedding gown right now, as a size 10/12. Yea, it would be nice to lose 10lbs (more like 20 but whatever), but I figure if I don't, and my wedding isn't motivation enough, then it's not meant to be. Jordan loves me despite the size of my jeans, and that's all that really matters.

So, if you're hanging onto old clothes because you plan on losing weight to fit back into them, just get rid of them. There are plenty of ppl out there who can put them to good use RIGHT NOW, and when you do lose the weight, do you really want to wear old stuff? Heck no! You want fun new clothes for yourself! So let goooooo of the baggage!!

So in crafty news, I followed along on Tim Holtz' blog for his 12 days of tags (I triiiiied to get on here to post about it, and then never did, oops). Absolutely amazing and inspiration stuff here folks. Makes me want to run out and buy every single he makes or touches. For reals. It also makes me want to run home and get my hands all dirty and play :) I bought a little wooden house back in October to make a Haunted House with, but now I think I'm going to make a "gingerbread" house with it instead. HOPEFULLY I can work on that sometime this week. But I suppose we shall see.

Oh, and remember that whole "I'm going to bed early" thing from yesterday? Totally didn't happen. I got sucked into finishing that LO and was up til 11:30. Awesome. LOL! At least I'm only working Monday and Tuesday next week, so I'll have lots of time to catch up on my sleep :)

Ok, I think that's all I wanted to say today. Or at least it needs to be so I can finish off this plan sheet. :p
Have a great day!


What? 2 days in a row?


I'm just tired of working on this plan set. Drafting gets to me after a while. So, I came here to be a little random for a bit.

1.) I bought this adorable hat off etsy ( crafttealady.etsy.com is the shop I got it at). I wasn't sure it would look good on me, but it was red and cream and screamed my name until my willpower crumbled and I bought it. I fought the urge for a good 2 minutes! :p Turns out though? I look freaking CUTE in this hat! And I don't care what Jordan thinks, I'm wearing it all the time now. Well, not all the time, but you know what I mean. :)


2.) I really like my most recent LO. I didn't even know I had gotten that smaller photo, and I totally love it. I'm gonna print it and frame it and stick it somewhere I can see it everyday :) The kit is Preppy Autumn by Traci Reed and it's one of my most favorite kits of hers!

3.) Jordan bought a huge tv for the bedroom this week. Found a deal he couldn't pass up, and we just got our bonus checks from work, so, he bought it. It's 46 freaking inches! Unnecessary for a bedroom I think, but whatever. I know better than to argue with him on some things. I voiced my opinion on the size and it was disregarded and that's life. And besides, who complains about a pimp 46" tv?!?! I'll just be buying one of the things on my "Camera stuff I HAVE TO HAVE" list next month for my birthday :)

4.) What the fuck kind of time warp do you get thrown into when you graduate college? CHRISTMAS IS IN 8 FREAKING DAYS!! When did that happen??? Thank god for a free month of Amazon Prime and free 2 day shipping, that's all I'm gonna say on that matter.

5.) If I don't get Tiger to the vet this week, I'm gonna hurt myself. She's overdue for shots by about 2 weeks, which isn't a big deal, except one of them is her rabies shot. Which I find mildly important. *pauses* She has an appt at 11:10 on saturday morning. Done. Excellent.

6.) I've been EXHAUSTED lately. Staying up too late is not good for me, especially not for like a week straight. I'll be going to bed early tonight, come hell or high water!

7.) I never shared this LO and it's FREAKING ADORABLE. So I'm sharing it now. The kit is "Jingle Baby" by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Meg Mullens. Isn't my lil bro CUTE?!


8.) I think that's all for today. It was extra random, you'll need time to recover. ;)

Have a great day!


2 weeks! Sheesh!

Man, I was all excited about posting every day for December Daily. We all see how well that turned out! LOL! It's ok though, because I'm still thinking about the project and taking pictures, and making notes about what I want to write down and such. One of these days when I catch my breath, I'll get some stuff done for it. I'm not too worried about it :) I did get a few photos edited to share though, so here are those!

The double rainbows on the 1st that I posted about. The second is hard to see, but I know it's there and that's all that matters :p

Jordan and I at our company party on the 3rd (hard to edit, our faces are a little blown, but whatevs)

The beautiful sunrise that greeted us as we left for work on the 8th

Work has been crazy, the holiday season has been crazy, life is just crazy right now. All sorts of little things have popped up here and there that end up taking a ton of time. But, that's life, and this holiday season has been wonderful. Lots of time with friends and family, and I'm so thankful for that. But man, it'll be nice when the craziness is gone again! LOL! I still can't believe that Christmas is only 9 days away. That's some kind of crazy holiday time warp that's going on! Thankfully 95% percent of the presents have been bought and have arrived, so all I have to do is get to wrapping and making gift tags. Wrapping is my favorite part, so I think I'll save that for this saturday morning when I can do it in some peace and quiet while the boys are still sleeping. We're doing big fat NOTHING this weekend and I can't wait :) I'm hoping to get to finally sit down and put some of these December Daily and Journal Your Christmas thoughts down in my album. I really love the base that I set up for it, so I'm excited to get stuff put in it :) I am really really loving the prompts we get every day for the JYC class.

I think that's enough rambling for today. Hopefully I'll be back soon with another post and some of my album to share!!
Have a great day!


December 1st!!

Hooray! It's December! I can finally start decorating for Christmas! WOOT!

After a long weekend of traveling, I'm pretty exhausted. I shouldn't really be, but I am. Who knows. Thanksgiving was great, it was so good to see Jordan's family in Pittsburgh. I got to visit with Julie and my wonderful little "niece" Olivia. Naturally, I had plans of taking a bajillion photos of everything, and then didn't snap a single one! Oy! LOL!

This December, I'm working on a project with a bunch of friends from the Sweet Shoppe. We're following along with Ali Edwards "December Daily" project. Documenting the things that we do through the holiday season. Many people are doing it as more of a "Holiday Daily" and started on friday, to document all the things that are done throughout the holiday season. I am starting today, and will go a little ways into January as well, to document our time spent with Jordan's family over New Year's (we spend New Year's with whichever side of the family we don't see at Christmas).

I also signed up for another class, that is a December Daily in a different way. It's called "Journal Your Christmas" and is run by a woman named Shimelle. You can click away to read more about it :)

I need to download and read today's prompt still. I wasn't planning on using a photo for today, but then as I was driving home through the rain, I saw a double rainbow!! SO COOL! So I had to snap a few shots of that, luckily my point-and-shoot was in purse :) I'll get that one posted tomorrow. I like Ali's approach in that she doesn't do anything for that day until the end of it, or the next. You can't do it before it's happened, you know? :)

Aside from that, life is good. Work is still busy, and now I've got all kinds of holiday projects to work on. Unfortunately I've also been sucked into the world of Twilight, not that I'm surprised. I get this way with books. Especially good books. I just get so wrapped up in the story, that I can NOT put it down to work on something else! Even worse with a series of books. Thank goodness I read Harry Potter last summer (in just a few weeks), I got NOTHING else done while I was reading those! LOL! Thankfully, I'm on the last book now. It'll definitely be done in a few days. I swore I wasn't going to read any tonight, and then I read 145 pages. I figured I would read while ACDSee unzipped my goodies from the digi sales this weekend. And naturally, once that was done (all of like 10 minutes, had to do it 3 times to get them all saved everywhere I needed) I was a goner. Thankfully this last book is broken into small sections. Not that it matters, the first section ended with such a freaking cliff hanger I'm DYING to get through the next section and get back to the first character (that was probably confusing, lol, sorry). See! I'm even rambling when I WRITE about Twilight!! I never should've resisted so long, what a fool I was! LOL!

Ok, ok, enough is enough. I have scrappy stuff to do! Have a great night, I'll hopefully be back tomorrow :)