Mindless Monday

Man, I didn't even do that much this weekend it seems like, yet I'm exhausted today! I did do a lot, I just didn't do a lot of what I wanted to do. I think that's why it seems like I didn't do anything, lol.

Friday night I managed to finish this super cute project to bring to work. I used Cosmo Crickets Lacings Cards and their Halfway Cafe line of paper to create it. It's currently sitting atop my computer tower looking oh so pretty. Here's a few quick (tiny) shots (no time to resize, sorry! LOL)!



Saturday was a beautiful day. I got up early and stopped at Dunkin Donuts, then went up to a friends house wtih goodies to see how she was doing. She was doing wonderfully and I was so happy she was so soon after her surgery. We talked and inevitably lost track of time and I was late to help load the van for the off site for the shelter. But Bonnie said everything was a mess anyway so it didn't much matter, lol. We spent 3 hours at Thompson Automotive in Dundalk and had 8 dogs and a bunch of kittens ready to go home for adoption. We raise a bunch of money and got 4 dogs new homes! So exciting. I snapped a few quick shots of some of the charges for the day.

The kittens

This cute lil guy is Walker and he had a home before we even got the van fully unloaded!!

This is Bear. He's an Australian Cattledog and a total lover. Unfortunately his breed, personality, and energy level are going to make it really hard to place him. His breed either needs acres of land to run on, or animals to herd, or another job that he can do, otherwise he will most likely lose his mind. It's sad, but it's a fact of life. I've got my fingers crossed for him though.

And this lil lady is Snow White. She found herself a home as well!

I also had the same charge as last weekend, Crimson. I brought along Tiger's prong collar to see how she responded to it, and it was amazing. She did just what Tiger did; turned into a completely different animal when the collar was on! Hopefully I can get up there next week and work on walking with her. I'd love to continue training her with the prong, I think it'll really up her chances at adoption.

I went home and absolutely passed out, lol. I was exhausted!! That night I lounged around with Jman and watched a whole bunch of "West Wing" episodes (he loves it and has me addicted too) from the box set he bought recently. I passed out pretty early, or at least I must have cuz I was up at 6am on sunday morning! LOL! I rolled over a few times, but once it was about 8 I just couldn't do it anymore. We turned on the tv and snuggled in bed for a while. A friend who is moving into our place after we move into our new house was coming by with movers to load some of her furniture downstairs. So I decided to start packing up the dining room. Jordan had brought 5 boxes home on saturday (like Xerox box sized) so I started wtih those. Well I have lots of pretty and breakable things on the bookshelf in there, so he went and got more boxes and some bubble wrap (amongst much anger at the price of bubble wrap). 4 hours later, the whole dining room was packed, the bookshelf was disassembled, and all hanging artwork was down from the walls and stacked against a wall.

Then my dear dear bf commented on how miserable it would be packing all my craft stuff up. So I started in on that stuff too! 6 boxes of craft stuff later, I predict another 4 will be needed. I think it's a sign I need to use more and purchase less, lol. Not that I let that stop me! Heaven's no!! Hahahaha.

I have several altered projects for friends that somehow made it onto the back burner recently. So I must must must finish those soon and send them out. Then I need to reorganize my craft desk. I failed to mention that the catalyst (aside from said dear BF) for apcking the craft stuff occurred when my entire top shelf toppled over and fell behind the dresser. Paper and stickers and rubons EVERYWHERE!! Naturally the craft desk stuff was thrown askew, so that's a mission for this evening.

Alright, that's probably enough rambling for today. If you've made it this far congrats! And your prize? Another freebie template!! I changed this one up a bit from a LO I saw in the most recent Memory Makers magazine. I can't wait to create something with it myself! Perhaps tonight.....

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I hope you all have wonderful days and evenings (whichever is pertinent to you!).

PS~I'm working up some 8.5 x 11 templates, so keep coming back throughout the week!


Kathy said...

Great template

KateHill2003 said...

Oh, Col, what beautiful animals! I'm so glad at least some of them found homes. We're down to one dog now. She came from an abusive environment as a puppy (she's a pit bull/jack russell mix) but she is so lovable now. Dogs in need always find us. Shelby our dalmatian was neglected, Arial our Airedale was unwanted, Pue our lab was the runt of a litter and no one wanted her, Tiffany our blind and diabetic terri-poo once lived in a factory. Ginger, our current mutt, has to be touching someone at all times. Good thing she's not too big. I wish we had a bigger house/yard... Oh, I forgot, nice template!

Kim Broedelet said...

Boy looks like you and me both were in bed early for a change this weekend-LOL!.. Oh man we have the animal welfare society around the corner and my son and a few of his mates go and walk them on certain days- but oh I just can't go as I want to take them all home- and then my heart breaks when they don't find a home- YOU GO GIRL! Love the template!!! Thanks for the pop in- tee hee, been busy on my new kit and haven't been "browsing" as much the last few days..hahahaha. Have a good day

Bunny said...

LOVE the fold out pics! That is AWESOME!!!! Im so NOT real life crafty!!! Give me a pc I can I can give me glue and I make one hell-a mess... LOL..

Hey, got any LITTLE dogs? I need a "friend" for my pug. Something small. lol..

Everything in our shelter are huge things I think may eat her while she sleeps. Sad, but true.

Joanna said...

Thanks a lot for another great template.

mel said...

thanks so much for the beautiful templates! and trust me, ill be coming back for the 8,5 x 11! thanks so much for sharing!
much love,

Mara said...

I will love to use that template, thank you very much

Gini aka "MsGini" said...

Thanks for the freebie! I found you on Ikea Goddess' site today! Can't wait to see what you do in rectangle... that's what I always work in!

Michelle said...

Nice template. Thank you!!