A quickie

No not that kind, get your mind out of the gutter! ;o) I threw together a quick layout this morning using adorable pics I took on sunday morning. My friend Sue and I took part in a rescue transport. All the dogs were from southern states where they were in kill shelters. If rescues up north (NY and NJ in this case) hadn't saved them they all would've been pts by now. Sue and I had the fun of traveling with Lady Bug, 10 puppies, and Dylan. Lady Bug had 4 puppies of her own, and the other 6 were ones she was a surrogate to. The shelter basically took all the nursing pups and gave them to her. To her credit she took them on as her own, even though it drained her already emaciated body to produce all that milk. Since her pups were slightly younger, they were getting pushed away from her nipples by the others. I spent most of our 90 minute ride nursing the sickly ones with a small bottle. Thankfully, we got them all in much better shape. Only one little guy gave me a scare at the end of the ride, but the next leg got some water in him so he should be doing just fine now. Poor momma needed a break from all the pups and end up climbing over the seats and falling asleep curled up at my feet. She was such a doll, I really hope she gets a good home.

Anyway, further proof that I ramble. But here is the lo. :o)

Credit to Miriam Lima for her Fresh Linen kit, and Tracy Blankenship for her May template #4. (Eventually I'll link those I give credit to I swear!).

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