Thanks to my super stealth, I managed to recreate this guy SUPER fast!

I used Tao Cosgrove's "Earthen Vessel" kit, and the flowers are from Syndee Nuckles' "A Collage Unleashed", kit, both available at Scrap Girls (who is having a sale right now btw). The embossed effect on the bottom page is thanks to Kim B's "Sweet Belle" overlays

As I said before, I'll post the template freebie that this LO was based on tomorrow. :o)


Heather said...

Thanks for the kickass template :) Are you in MD? I grew up in Annapolis and still live here, and my dad taught at Dundalk CC and I saw that you were volunteering there the other day. I figure how many Dundalks can there be? lol, from everyone I've ever known who has lived in that area, it's pretty unique(hon, lol)and the leftover stinky crabs is a bit of a hint too...been there done that, they stink if you forget to put them out with the trash. Thanks again for sharing :)

Shell said...

Great layout so glad you were able to redo it. Thanks so much for the templates I snagged them all since this was my first visit to your blog. Cant wait to play with them.

Kim Broedelet said...

hey girl- thanks for the message and WOW- I love that LO!!! It looks AWSOME!!! Oh I'm laughing at the crab story!- PHEWIE they can PONG! We catch them in summer at out holiday cottage and son decided he wanted to keep the "pincer shells"- oh Lordy- same problem!!! hahahah ROTF!! We eventually found them and put them outside to DRYOUT!! Have another story about a fish too- but I think I'll save that one for my blog- tee hee, thanks for the "reminder" of it- hahahahaha

Kim Broedelet said...

Just poppin in before the "weekend" hits!! ROTF- going out later ( actually looking forward to it!!) need a large one!! hahaha. Hope you have a super weekend and will chat on Sunday or Monday