Not the best of days

Not the worst of days either. I'm just feeling very blah today. Pretty much everything in my life has been great and I've been so happy lately. I hate feeling down. But at least I can do something about it.

I'm down cuz when I went to get dressed this morning (in something other than just my jeans since I had a seminar to go to for work) my pants didn't fit. Like 2 months ago they fit awesome. Not a great start to the day.

So I went and got subway for lunch with apple slices instead of chips. And while I was in Walmart (where the Subway is) I got some healthier snacks. Still chips, but fewer calories per servings, etc. I gotta have that crunch. Tomorrow I'll go to the grocery store and get some apples and bananas, and milk and cereal to eat for breakfast. And I got on Ebay and bought "The Firm" workout system. Char swears by it, and I'm gonna give it a shot. I'm going to start walking/jogging Tiger on monday and friday mornings, since I can go to work later on those days. Wednesdays I'll do the firm (for now, I might like it a lot and want to do it more), and tuesday/thursday/saturday will be Bowflex days. I did alright in the beginning of the year but I fell way off the workout wagon. I'm so disgusted with myself today, that might be the motivation I need to lose a few (ok like 20) pounds.

In other, happier news. I'm almost ready to post my very first freebie. It's a template, and they are easier to make, but it's still exciting for me. Hopefully someone will care and like it ;o) Now I just need to figure out how to zip it up, and then get it up on 4shared and I'll be all set!

I'm so not in the mood to go play poker tonight....

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Kim Broedelet said...

WORK OUT??? you nuts- ROTFLMAO... I'm having a similar problem girlfriend- seems sitting behind the computer gives you "computer BUTT"- LOL LOL... Not good I tell you, not good!!