LO for KimB

Here's a new LO for KimB using her "Inflight Overlays". So much fun. As soon as I saw them I had the perfect inspiration for this LO!

Tomorrow you'll get 2 freebies! I'm putting up my scalloped paper templates finally. And a 12x12 template! Whoohoo!!

PS~Guess who created the Layout of the Week over at DSO??? ME!! Check it out!!

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Kim Broedelet said...

GEE"S!!! Thanks a ton!!! This is AWESOME girl!!! You becoming a PRO- actually not becoming- YOU ARE! And a sweaty on top of it! ( OK- you have horns like mine on the weekends! tee hee!) Great job sweets! Love it!!!!!!
See- eventually got here! Now going to make coffee for the "man" and watch the rest of the movie- hee hee- (it's still on pause and I"m being shouted for!)
Hugs and Loves