Lot's of LO's!

Well yesterday was awesome. I got a whole bunch of stuff done that I've been meaning to do. I got a few more LO's done for DSO challenges. Those things are a lot of fun and keep the creative juices flowing! If you haven't checked it out, GO NOW! Lol!

So here's the LO I did for the Quote Challenge. I used my own rectangle template #2.

Everything is from Sweet Shoppe Designs Girl Next Door collection. The ribbon was created using those papers and Dorothy's Freebie Ribbons which are awesome and I can't wait to use again.

This I made for the "Scrappin on my Desktop" Challenge. It's fun and I LOVE the way Tiger's picture came out in the frame.

Paper, frame, ribbon, and blue star by Shandy Vogt from her "Spangled Glory" kit. Red brad by Jannidee from the Liberty Mega freebie. Calendar by Thao Cosgrove for Scrapgirls A Year to Remember brush set.

This pretty lil number I made using a friends picture for the Ad Challenge.
All papers and elements slightly altered from Danielle Engebretson's "Verona" kit (no idea where I got it though, sorry).

And finally, a funny picture of me from a few months ago. I was trying to figure out a friends camera problem and my loving boyfriend snapped this crazy pic, lol. Don't mind the double chin! (Talk about motivation to work out! LOL)

I cheated and used a QP. Also from teh Sweet Shoppe's Girl Next Door collection (album collection that is). You'll be seeing a lot more QP's from me, they were too cute to pass up! Now I just have to find pictures to put in them......

I'm working on a paper template set to give. I haven't decided if it's done or not yet though, so you won't see it til next week probably.
I've also gotten a wonderful response from my rectangle templates, so I'll definitely continue to make those.
And don't forget! If you create something with my template shoot me and email and lemme see!!!

*Hugs* n love



grambie said...

So nice to visit & see your multiple layouts that you were able to scrap. Love all the beautiful pages with the happy colors & fabulous elements. So nice to meet you since you placed your page scrap with you & the camera. So cute indeed. I am still smiling over it. Your designs are just so enjoyable and definitely reflect the joy that is within your everyday life. I definitely will visit & leave a hello to you and yours. HUGS!!!

KateHill2003 said...

Tiger is SO pretty! Since Tiger had so much fun with the other dogs, I really think it's time for a friend. Maybe when you get your house???? Tell me, what did Tiger do while being humped? Our Ginger just stands there. It's pretty creepy... !!!
Great layouts and groovy templates, girl!