Ok so first off, it was brought to my attention that template #8 was inspired by one of Becky Flecks sketches from pagemaps. So she gets inspiration credit for that! Let me explain, lol. Since I've started digi-scrappin a few months ago, I've used post it notes for everything. Drawing up sketches, listing LO credits, lists of wants on store sites, etc etc. I THOUGHT I had kept it all organized and transferred a lot of it over to a small journal that I keep in my purse. Buuuuut everyone makes mistakes and somehow along the way, the inspiration for that sketch never go written down on the post it, and I hven't been over there in quite some time. So I'm trying to be better, but at least a friendly reader brought it to my attention! No harm no foul and no hard feelings hon!

Ok so on to more fun things.
For one, I've decided that DigiShopTalk is the greatest place ever. They have ZERO restrictions on what goes into their gallery, and ZERO limitations on the number of LO's or files or amount you put up there. Amazing! So I'm working on uploading all of my lo's to my gallery over there. Take a peek if you're interested in seeing more of my work!
The other reason I'm loving it, is that there's a super fun "challenge" going on that is really an amazing idea. I'm all about scrapping more about ourselves, and leaving thigns behind so others can see who we are from our own perspective (kids, grandkids, etc). So the challenge is called "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life" and while it sounds like just another "Book of Me" type thing, it's a lot more. You can take it any direction you want, any style you want, etc etc. It's going to start next week I think (maybe the week after) with 2 groups. One for fast scrappers and one for slower scrappers, and anyone can join in at any time. There are so many amazing ideas coming out in the forum, it's so much fun to think of all the different ways you can put your own stamp on this project. So even though I have about 15 million things on my "to do list", I've decided to jump right in. Right now it's in the beginning stages, and people are working on coming up with their list and writing paragraphs, organizing photos, etc. It's going to be a lot of fun, come and play!!

Since today is the 31st, that means it's the last day to get "Dreamsicle" from Songbird Ave and donate to the Make a Wish foundation! The kit is STUNNING. I haven't had a chance to use it yet this month since I haven't scrapped all that much, but it's really a great looking kit. Plus Robin Carlton was part of the collaboration and she's another one of my favorite designers. So go snag it!!

Let's see...what else....I'm sad that I won't be getting the fairy kit from DSO this month. I never got all my challenges done this week. Which stinks cuz it was really pretty. Oh well, I'll have to try again for next month! Lol! I didn't get many of the challenges done over at Sweet Shoppe either. I think that between both forums I have about 25 or 30 challenges I want to do every month, lol! I'm NUTS!!

Well, I think that's about it for today. No freebie, just a nice big ramble. We're going shopping for couches today (yay) and might get some dining room chairs too (fingers crossed!!). We've got a whole bunch of people coming on sunday to party and I'm anxious to get some stuff finished off in the house to show off, lol.

Have wonderful holiday weekends everyone! Enjoy the GLORIOUS return of College Football!! I know I will!!


20Birds said...

you have a full life... enjoyed reading your blog today... congratulations... he is a cutie!

.:kristine aka wenchdgrafix:. said...

Enjoyed reading your blog as always but I wanted to stop in and say I frickin' LUV the new header!!! Really POPS!!! Awesome job!! Have a great time this weekend!!

Sara E said...

omg.....just a plethora of info....and interesting reading too

and.........congrats on your engagement!!!!! very exciting!

Biancka said...

I totally agree with you........DST rocks and the songbird kit is awesome. I cannot wait for the new one tomorrow :)



Tink said...

Have a great weekend. Hope you find all you are looking for.

Heather said...

oh oh oh oh! I missed the engagement post! Congratulations!!!!!!! Beautiful pics!

Looks like you're on the ball this month with DSO challenges! Got a few done this morning before I got up! You go girl!

Downloading that awesome template below! Thanks!