OMG have you HEARD?!?!


Sweet Shoppe Designs, Little Dreamer Designs, and DiscTalkRadio have teamed up to create an amaaaaaaaaaazing collaboration kit. AND it's a contest too!! A 6 week long contest, open to anyone (over 18) with absolutely amazing prizes (a years worth of designs from all 3 sponsors?!?! Are they SERIOUS?!?!). It is organized fantastically (from what I can tell so far) in a way that makes it totally fair to everyone who enters. There are 2 level options, Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced. So those insanely talented ladies aren't competing against me, lol. PHEW!! (I went Beginner/Intermediate) The kit itself is effing 700MB! 700!!!! Plus it's only $10, and all proceeds go to the Alliance for Climate Protection.

SSD has a Q&A thread up in their forum if you want to check it out some more before joining. And if you decide you don't want to join but still want the kit, it goes on sale on monday at Little Dreamer Designs for $12. Still an absolute STEAL!!

So as if I didn't already have a bazillion challenges to do, now I've got more! But it's only 1 LO per challenge per week, so I think that's totally do-able. The challenges run from Sept 19th to Oct 30th, with all 6 winners to be announced (and revealed since it's all being done anonymously by order number) on November 4th. I'm not going to get too hopeful, but then again, ya never know right?! :oD And it's always fun to dream of getting an entire year's worth of designs from the sweet shoppe! Lol!!

So aside from that, I've been pretty busy today, lol. I got a lot of cleaning and unpacking and organizing done, so the house looks pretty darn good for my friends to see tomorrow. I'm so excited for them to come down, we're gonna have SO much fun! We went and looked at more couches today, and still haven't bought anything. And dining room chairs are proving problematic too, lol. The table is so retro, and most chairs I find are so traditional and boring and blegh. And god forbid we go to Ikea, that's practically a curse word around Jordan, lol. The smallish living room and giant TV are causing problems with couches and seating and such. Oh and since we have totally opposite tastes, agreeing on a style is a bit hard too, lol. I think we found a pretty good compromise in a sectional with a chaise, but unfortunately we didn't ask if it would be flipped. So that one might not work out after all. Who new shopping for couches was such a pain in the a$$?!?! Lol!

And now it's late and I've got more to do. I have a paper craftin project that I would really love to get done. Except most of that stuff is still in a mild state of disarray. So we'll see, lol.

Have a good night and rest of the weekend!


Bunny said...

Girl, are you STILL not unpacked? lol....

Hurry up and get over to DSO, we're lonely!

Kim Broedelet said...

hahaha- Oh goodness you talk more than me- ROTF!! I've had catch up todo with this stupid internet being sooooo slow the last few days!! DRIVING ME NUTS! So glad you back and ENGAGED_ WOOOOOHHOOOOOO!! heehee, and take it from 'an old hat'- shopping for ANY piece of furniture with the opposite sex can be a disaster- ROTF!!! Photo's- we want photo's dammit! hahahah,
Sending loves

Jen Ulasiewicz said...

Yes I heard about it, I love the kit! Good luck with the challenges! :)