Break out the bubbly!!

Cuz it's tiiiime to celebrate!! I'm engaged!! WEEEEE!!!

Jordan proposed to me on the 19th while we were on our vacation in Florida and it was magical and romantic and perfect. :o) And I finally have my ring! Lol! He's had it since APRIL! But I'm ecstatic, and so happy and so is he, and both our families. A new house, a ring on my finger, life doesn't get much better!

Or does it? Thank you SO MUCH for all those who voted at GDS last week, because I WON the people's choice award for best layering!! How cool!!! WHOOHOO!! Props to Kim for pimping my LO to get votes too, lol.

And WELCOME to Beth, Kim's newest CT member!! Hooray!! Kim's got a rockin CT if I do say so myself ;o) Speaking of Kim, she's got a fantabulous "Buddy Bag" out over at DSO! She and Bunny teamed up to create yet ANOTHER wonderful grab bag full of designers tools! A $60 value for just $10!! You DEFINITELY should go check it out!!

Since it's been soooooo long, I'm gonna go ahead and post a freebie for everyone to toast to my successes! WHOOHOO! Here's template #8. I'm excited to get a LO done with it, so keep your eyes peeled. And as always, PLEASE, if you use my templates then send me a copy of your LO! I'd love to show more people some love on here!!

You know the drill. No hot linking - send people to my blog, if you download leave a comment and let me know why (what you like about it, etc). The comments I receive are always a big boost in confidence and esteem, so keep em comin! Lol!!

Also, don't forget that the august challenges at DSO are QUICKLY drawing to a close, and this months fairy kit is AWESOME! I've got about 8 LO's to bust out in the next 2 days, lol. But MAYBE I can get some done with all my great vacation pictures :o)

Much love to everyone, it's good to be back. I hope to get back into the template groove and share lots more with you all over the coming months :o) Who knows, if I ever figure out how to stop time I might even get a chance to play with all these fun designers tools I keep buying! Lol!

*Hugs* n Love!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Much happiness to you both.

Tink said...

Wow. Congratulations to both of you. Hope we will be hearing about the wedding preparations.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both on the engagement, and thanks for the great template.

Miss j said...

Wow! Congrats! Glad you had a WONDERFUL trip! Did you have any idea he was going to ask you while on vacation?

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at digifree.blogspot.com

shawnyrvr said...

I just found you tonight through someones elses blog... can't remember for the life of me... I always have about 12 windows open at a time, lol... a freak that way I am... But I subbed to your blog with BlogLines so I can keep an eye out for you and your WONDERFUL templates. I was a hogggg and grabbed all 9 of them so far... I assume 9 is on the way per your blog about doing #10 out of order(lol) I'm a bit anal that way too, so it made me chuckle when I read that one.

Also, want to say congratulations on your most recent vacation. It seems like it was probably one of the BEST ones in your life... So when's the wedding date? or is it one of those loooong engagements, lol You almost need them now-a-days to prepare for all the wedding hoopla' CONGRATULATIONS!!!

And THANKS so MUUUUUCCCHHHH!!!! for the templates! I look forward to using them.

Ms. Kari said...

Congrats! *raises glass* To a long & happy life together!

Thanks for the awesome template, too!

Shannon said...

Congrats! You'll have to post a photo of your new "bling" - I know how excited I was when I finally got to wear mine! :)
Luv the template - the journaling space and non'square photo "rawk".

Laura said...

Welcome back and congrats! I love your templates and was happy to snag the new one. Thanks a lot.

Aly said...

Congratulations and Blessed Be to you both. Thank you for the lovely template - I think it's great that it gives the impression of a larger circle out there. I guess you could flip/rotate it to create several different looks.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What a fun time in your life! Thanks for the N*I*C*E template!

Angie (mighty-nice)

HeatherB said...

Congratulations! And thanks for the template, it is gorgeous! :-)

Glenda said...

Congratualations! ! ! DH and I will celebrate 42 years this November. Sure doesn't seem that long. Thank you for the template.

olga9999 said...

Congratulations on your engagement!! :)

And many thanks for the great template. :) Best wishes. :O)

Victoria said...

Congratulations! How exciting :)