Super Bowl #42 Baby!!!

No one gave the NY Football Giants a chance.

Suck it Tom Brady.
Suck it Randy Moss.
Suck it to the 18 - 1 Patriots whose 1 loss season now means SQUAT.

Resiliency = the 2007 NY Giants

Now excuse me while I go buy out Modell's entire stock of Championship Gear. :o)


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Kim B said...

hahaha- have NO clue about the football- but understand the WINNING part- hahahahaLOL, and How can you put that pic on there! Gee's girl I'm trying to cut down on all the GOOD STUFF and now you got my mouth watering again! WAHAHAHA!
Glad to see you back! Hope you had a good holiday chiko! PICTURES PICTURES!!!
Have a great day girl