Freebie Template!

I know what you're thinking, "Oh my god! She's blogging 2 days in a row!!" Ca-raaaaaazzzy!!

Well Kim had her big celebration yesterday, and I'm hoping it went well (she might still be recovering, it's rare I blog before her! LOL). But my girl Mikkel started a new blog, and a newsletter, and is awesome. So I hooked her up with a template to give away to her newsletter subscribers. You know what that means right? Right. If you want this:

Then you need to go HERE, to Mikkel's new fantastic blog, and sign up for her newsletter. It'll go out either later today or tomorrow or so. So you might have to exercise some patience. Buuuut it's a pretty sweet template, so it's worth it ;) Plus while you're there, you can download her super cute Birthday cupcake add-on! If you make a LO with it and link it up in the comments by the 28th, you could win a prize!

Ok gotta run. But go!

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