Bad things come in 3's??

Today they did!
So today I walked my 3 miles for training. I decided to do a different route that was more on sidewalks and through the neighborhood. It’s pretty much a 1.5 mi loop on either side of our house. So we head out, and do our thing. I’m about 3/4 mi in when my cell phone rings. Apparently my ipod managed to unlock my cell phone in my sweatshirt pocketand call 911, and when emergency services couldn’t get me on the phone, they hung up and called back. Awesome, now I feel like an asshole. So I hold the phone the rest of the way, despite how uncomfortable that actually is. (note to self, buy a small bag or fanny pack despite how unfashionable said things are.)

As we head back, I get a text message. We’re near a playground, but on the other side of the street, plus a lady wtih a huge english bulldog was walking towards us, so I put Tiger in a sit (which she did oh so nicely). No biggie right? I answer the text, look up, and see a small child waddling across the street towards. OMG! AND to top it off, there’s a car coming way to fast down the road. Holy f@$*. Luckily the mom was already making her way over to the little boy, who was staring at Tiger saying "woofie", and the car slowed down. So that car passes, and I’m like hey little guy why don’t you come over here, while trying to restrain Tiger from jumping at him to gives him kisses (she's not so good wtih small children, or children at all for that matter until they hit 11 or 12) OY.

Ok fine. So we get back to the main road we live off of, and I see a bunch of dogs in neighboring yards running along the fences playing. Ok cool. I’ll let Tiger get a few sniffs in, see what’s up, but then we’re on our way. The big fluffy dog (looked like a collie maybe? it was far away) goes up the deck and back inside. So there’s a little fluffy dog running back and forth along the fence. It was barking, but it was small and moving quickly, so I couldn't really get a good look at it. It finds a spot where the wood planks are more separated, and then tries to eat Tiger’s face off. Awesome.

THANKFULLY we made it back to our house, and then on the other 1.5mi loop without any incidents. I was really close to just giving up for the day though, lol.

Oh and I finally figured out why the heck my pedometers weren't working right. Apparently my hips don't move enough, so I have to place it on the outside of my hip. On the side, not in front. Good to know, now that I have 2 since I thought the first one was broken.

Also, anyone have good ideas for protein snacks? That'd be great.

In other news, my scrap-mojo disappeared, but seems to be coming back in spurts. Here are a few LO's to prove it :o)
I love this one. This will always be one of my favorites pictures of my Tigah-now.

This one I'm totally in love with. It came out just as I was envisioning, which RARELY happens for me.

This one is just too cute. I'm loving Janet Phillips templates and grab bags lately. SO useful!! These are 2 of my favorite shots of the monkeys at the Naples Zoo.

This one, is using KimB's latest kit, Unda Da Sea, which is SO friggen FUN! It's a summary of our engagement vacation. I might just print that one and frame it :o)

And one last one. This one was for today's blog post over on the Hawt Mama Team Blog. Alane made a super fun template, and I had "Nicole's Graham" from Traci's "Those We Love: Just the Boys" that I hadn't fully used yet. So I dug out some of the scanned photos and found these 2 of my little brother practicing his golf swing in the front yard. I'm guessing he's 6, but I'm sure when my mom reads this, she'll confirm or correct said statement. :o)

Ok enough visual goodness. Not too much else to report. Easter weekend was good. Jordan's family came down (next year we're just going to have eeeeeeeeveryone come down here for Easter, except ppl will HAVE to get hotel rooms, lol) and I did some shopping/quality time wtih his mom and little sister. Plans are in the works for everyone to come to NY sometime this summer (hopefully June) to do some wedding dress and bridesmaid dress shopping. Tiger is randomly limping, but continues to play like a goofball and run around and go on walks with me, so I'm trying not to stress about it too much. Tomorrow I'm performing an experiment at work. And by experiment, I mean I'm going to wear a pedometer while we go out on inspections, just for kicks to see how far we actually walk (last time it had to have been at least 3miles, possibly more). Thank goodness it's supposed to be almost 60! Going out on inspections will actually be nice for a while, until it gets to be May when the humidity and 90 degree heat sets in, lol.

In other news, Jordan has completely given up on fighting with me over the dining room chairs, and the purchase of a DSLR. I SO win. I'll be going to Ikea this weekend to buy some chairs so that next time we have people over, they won't have to sit on the floor to eat at the coffe table. I'm still going to wait a few weeks on the DSLR, because it makes sense to wait until I can try out hte Canon Rebel XSi (step up from the XTi). Then I'll have seen all my options and can make a good decision. Whether I end up with the Nikon or not doesn't matter. I just don't want to buy the Nikon now, and then try the XSi in a few weeks and like it better.
Oh and I bought a laptop today! Jordan said I should just get it since I want one (want, not need). I think he's tired of me being on his desktop all the time. :oP

I think, that that is all for tonight. I've got a LO to finish for Mikkel, and then I'm going to go lay down and watch some tv. OH! And congratulations to Mikkel, who got engaged on her Disney Cruise last week!!! WEEEEEEEE!!! Another person to talk weddings with! LOL!

Ok, enough! Good night!! :oD


Beth said...

Awwwww..... I wish I could reach through the computer screen and give ya a hug!!! Sounds like you need one! LOL! And your scrapping mojo is back in a major way....(if it ever really was gone... you're one talented scrapper) I'm LOVIN' the layouts!!! Let me know how you like the new camera when you get it.... I'm soooooo tempted to get one myself. {{{HUGS}}} for ya!

Multifuncional said...

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Tracy said...

I was just catching up on your blog and thought I would give you this idea for protein snacks if your mom hadn't already told you.

One of the best things they have at the rest areas on the 3-day is the Peanut Butter and Jelly Graham Cracker Sandwiches. Down here they had them in coolers so they were really cold and we just the little pick-me-up that we needed.

Keep up the training...you'll definitely be better off to stick to the schedule.