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I might as well get some Sweet Rewards points while I'm blogging :) Hi Meg! Love ya!

What Your These Fireworks Say About You

You are chaotic, inspired, and very creative.

You're so creative, people don't really recognize your creativity.

What's expressive for you sometimes looks like a mess.

But you don't really care... you enjoy making your messes!

The Fireworks Test

And Mimi wanted to know about summer jobs :)
I worked at the Gap Outlet in the huge outlet mall in our town. I started off as just a puny sales associate, but one super busy saturday when the line was insane they threw me on register. I remember loving it because I got to ring next to my girlfriend Christie, and she taught me the ropes. I picked that up pretty quickly and within a few months they made me a lead cashier. That meant that on closing nights, I had to count out 14 registers. BY MYSELF! Helloooooo responsibility! I did that all through senior year of high school too. When I came back to work after my freshman year of college, I decided to work in merchandising (cuz, you know, why not). That meant working 6am-3pm 5 or 6 days a week. Getting up early was AWFUL, but I again got to work with Christie (I love that girl), and some other awesome people, including my boyfriend that summer, Jesse, lol. We had a LOT of fun there. We had a lot of not fun times there too, but overall I have nothing but good memories of my times there :)

Have a happy hump day :)


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Kim B said...

hee hee- popping in to leave you some love GF!! How you doing??
Wedding plans coming together?
Sending hugs