Proud Mama Moment!!

Ok. So everyone knows that Tiger is a pit bull mix (American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier mix). And a lot of people will read that and automatically think "OMG THOSE DOGS ARE VICIOUS!!!" If you thought that just now, and have no desire to hear any other opinion, please leave this blog now.

I work to fight that stereotype every single day. I always hope I can educate people and change some minds, and I know that I have. I work hard to make sure that Tiger is well behaved in public, and she's always friendly and a good Breed Ambassador.

Now, there are some things that as a pit owner, I'm inherently wary of at all times. One, is children. She loves them and wants to play, but doesn't understand her own size and strength. She ends up chasing them cuz she thinks it's a game, when really they are running in terror (I learned this very quickly when I first had her and there were a lot of kids in the apt complex). So, there's no playing with kids who are running around and being loud. She's perfectly ok with quiet children who aren't running and screaming, but otherwise, not so much. By the time we have kids she'll be like 10 years old and will have hopefully slowed down (considering she's 4.5 and still a maniac, I'm not holding my breath; it's more like praying).

The other thing, is other dogs. Tiger is an extremely dominant personality. She was a complete asshole the first 2 months I had her until I laid down the law and forced her to respect me. She is very much like a child who tests their boundaries at every chance. Except she won't grow out of it, lol. When I found her in the shelter, she was 1.5 and had been there about 6 months. Before that, the shelter said that as far as they knew she had lived on the streets. This means she had ZERO positive training with respect to other dogs and proper manners. As a pit bull, there is also always the issue of dog aggressive behavior. That is part of the breed, like it or not. Each dog is different and some dogs never ever display any aggression towards other dogs. But, you always have to be wary.

Since Tiger is so dominant, she often has issues with other dogs. But, she's also totally unpredictable with respect to what dogs she will like or not like. She likes most small dogs, whether male or female. This is because she can easily dominate them, so she doesn't feel threatened by them and can play without incident (unless the other dog is an asshole with a Napolean complex who starts shit first). She gets along with males, in general, better than females. She loooooooooved to play with the big male boxer across the street at our place. She HATES my friend Krissie's big female shephard, Titan. Like, barking and growling and freaking out if they even made eye contact from 30' away. Kind of scary actually.

Anyway. So my friend Emily bought a female American Bulldog in the spring, Kona. We always said we would get them together while she was young and small so that Tiger would be comfortable with her and they could be friends. And then life got in the way and Emily and I could barely meet up let alone get the dogs together. Such is life.

So this weekend, Emily decided to come over and watch the PSU game (I'm in denial, I don't want to talk about it, friggen IOWA?!?!?! UGH!). She asked if I thought Tiger would get along with Kona. I told her I had no idea, but to bring her so we could give it a try. If Tiger was a huge asshole, I would separate her into another room for the time they were here. No big deal.

Well Tiger and Kona are now totally BFF!! I was sooooooooooooooooooo happy to see them running around like maniacs, playing fetch together, wrestling and boxing, and just generally being cute lovable dogs. Tiger is very vocal when she plays, but Kona didn't seem to mind. Kona was submissive and Tiger only tried to hump her once (which I put a stop to, because that's just poor manners). Tiger didn't even get mad when Kona snuck in and stole away the tennis ball or the stick from her! I think all the time she spent at the lake over the past 2 summers, being forced to share the stick with the big mean labs, has really helped her out a LOT!

So, here are few photos :)
Emily and Kona


And now Tigah-now and her new BFF Kona :)

This is one proud momma :)
Talk to you later bloggers!


Pam said...

Dang! I had no idea American Bulldog's got that flipping big! Kona is gorgeous! Almost as gorgeous as Tiger! But I'm prejudice to Pits! ;)

Anonymous said...

ive said it before, I'll say it again. Im so proud of her and so happy for you. Our little girl is growing up! ::sniffle::sniffle::

Emily said...

Dude, they are totally BFF's. I can't wait to let them romp around again. We need to get some action shots of them. Maybe a shot where I don't look possessed :) It was great to see you guys this weekend! <3 -E

momto4boys said...

That is great, I am glad Tiger found a BFF. They are both georgous dogs.

Kresta said...

Aww, good dog! Great pics too!

jocelinsmommy said...

I totally know what you mean col about the bad things that are said about pits. We had an albino pit bull who was the worlds sweetest dog ever. We named him chowder. Though he always loved his momma more than his daddy..he was never a mean dog loved everyone...except larger dogs LOL.....just had to share your story touched me..i miss my dog since he's gone now :) thanks for sharing. :)
-laura (jocelinsmommy on the boards!)