Civic Duty - Check Mark

I voted today, did you?

I could not in good conscience vote for either Obama or McCain. Neither of their ideals match with mine completely. I'm truly, a middle of the road voter. And there's no one out there for me (although considering most Republicans hate McCain because he IS more middle of the road, we disagree on several important things to me).

So today, when I pushed the nifty little touch screen to cast my vote, I cast it for Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party.

I know some of you are thinking: "But that's a waste! He'll never win! Why did you bother?!"

Because it's not a waste.
Because the state of Maryland will go to Senator Obama whether I vote for or against him. 3 or 4 counties in this state override the rest of the state, and thus MD will go to the Democrats. So in reality, a vote for McCain is a waste. He has NO chance in this state.

But voting for anyone else sends a message.
It sends the message that I'm fed up with the 2 party system.
It sends the message that the Democratic and Republican candidates AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH.
It sends the message that it's time for a 3rd party and a stop this nonsense.

The more people vote for a 3rd party (any 3rd party for all I care), the bigger the message.
The more votes a 3rd party gets, the greater the chances of getting federal funding for a future campaign, which brings us closer to a REAL 3 party system.

Cuz let's be serious. This 2 party nonsense is getting old, and it's NOT WORKING.
I didn't vote for the incumbent in Congress either. They aren't working out too well either, now are they?

Congress is going to have a HUGE impact in the coming years. And too many people didn't even research their congressional candidates. They think "Oh, well it's not MY guy that's the problem, it's everyone else, so I'm voting for him again." Where does that get us? NO WHERE! We end up with the same bunch of boobs in Congress making a mess of things and wasting away our money!

I am so thankful that after tonight (for the most part) this mess of an election is over.
And I truly pray for the state of this country in the future, regardless of who is elected.

I don't care who you vote for. Just get out and vote!



Lena said...

I can't vote until this evening but I'll get out and vote. I don't blame you for going against the grain...I think it's a great idea! I'm going to try and sway my battleground state but I don't know that it's going to do any good. Worth a shot though :)

MelissaL88 said...

Can we get an AMEN from the choir! Good for you, Col! I so totally agree that it's in everyone's best interest to pay attention and stay informed and VOTE! I just couldn't bring myself to vote for Barr...but believe me, it was sooooo tempting! The Wombat (my hubby) and I were discussing this very thing last night...maybe we'll get a true 3rd part out of this whole mess.

Kresta said...

I'm so glad it'll all be over soon, too! I was not 100% thrilled with McCain, but felt more in line with him that any of the others, esp. Obama. I guess we'll see what comes of all of it. :)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I'm always so happy to run into other 3rd party voters! Go Bob Barr!

DH & I discussed voting for McCain last night but in the end our desire to show the 2 parties we are unhappy with them outweighed any concerns we might have about Obama.

Lindy said...

I'm a Canadian, and we have well... three or four major parties, five if you live in Quebec. On my ballot at the last election here there were EIGHT different names I could choose for my member of parliament! EIGHT! I think that's great. No one of them matched my beliefs exactly, but I definetly had a lot of choice. I think the way you voted makes sense and took courage. :)

Liz said...

Just stumbled onto your blog and wanted to say good for you! I too feel that this country needs a change from it's messed up two party system!

meganmecrazy said...

It was great to read your blog! I totally agree and I wish a lot more people did the same! I was also one that didn't vote for McCain or Obama. Why should I cast my vote for someone that I didn't believe in to take the seat for our country. So, I wrote in my vote. If more people did do that then maybe they would get the picture that we won't stand for picking between the lesser of two evils. Great blog!