It's the Principle of the Matter!

Well, the day has finally come. The Purple People Eater is no long mine (THANK GOODNESS).

It wasn't a great car, but it certainly served it's purpose. It got me from A to B with minimal resistance. Except this summer. But that's a whole other can of worms. We took her over to Vehicles for Change this morning, and hopefully she will be accepted into the program. Then she can go to some poor fool who's obsessed with the Ravens, and make their day.

Of course, this transition was not without one, final problem. Since Jordan bought his pimp new car last week (an '08 TL, not an '09), and since we kept his Contour and Joey is living with us (STILL) that means 4 cars at the house. So we parked the PPE in the street in front of our house, left the new car and the contour in the garage, and Joey's car in the driveway as usual. No big deal. Saturday Jordan got up early and washed the PPE and we cleaned out the last of the crap, and then used the gas station vacuum to make her SOMEWHAT presentable (there's only so much you can do to a '97 PURPLE Neon, ya know?). Took her over to Carmax for shits and giggles ($250, no thanks). Brought her home and put her in the street again. Jordan washed his car on sunday or monday, so he was out there and didn't notice anything unusual.

So imagine my surprise when today, as we're driving to VFC he calls me (he was in his car since obviously we needed 2 cars to make the donation and get back to work) and says "Who hit your car??" Um, I have no idea what you're talking about. "There's a huge dent in the side of your car!" Um, I still don't have a clue.

Normally, I'm a pretty dang observant person. Except it seems, with the cars I drive. I NEVER notice a new ding, but Jordan can spot one 500 yards away. This morning I was all sleepy, so I can explain missing it that time. And I think when I was walking to the car in the work parking lot I was fumbling with my keys. But really, there's no excuse. The dent is HUGE! Like, replace the whole damn door, HUGE. (I'll add photos tonight, work has blocked uploads to photobucket.) I have no excuse for missing it.

It HAS to have been the neighbors across the street from us (who, are the weirdest people ever, btw). Jordan has apparently seen the wife backing out of the driveway, and she's the worst driver ever. Apparently she backs straight out of the driveway until she hits the curb on our side of the road, and then she turns. Totally. Unnecessary. And the dent isn't a sideswipe kinda dent. It's a "backing up, backing up, backing up, BAM" kinda dent. Now all things considered, we wouldn't care about the dent. It's an 11 year old POS car, and accidents happen.

BUT THEY DIDN'T TELL US!! How on earth do you back into your neighbors car and leave a huge ass dent, and NOT SAY SOMETHING?!?! I mean leave a note for cripes sake!

So, Jordan is printing out pictures and going to talk to them tonight. I mean we donated it and it's gone (as long as it gets accepted into the program, which it should), but still. It's the principle of the matter dangit! If we really wanted to we could've turned around and not donated it yet, confronted them, and possibly gotten money from their insurance, not to mention the old "hit and run" aspect of it all.

I mean seriously. What is wrong with people??

Jordan's parents decided to come visit this weekend. His dad wanted to help with some house stuff, but Jordan pointed out that the stuff he needs help with is a long weekend kinda thing, not a 1 day fix kinda thing. But, they're gonna come down anyway. So tonight and tomorrow will be spent tidying up the house, which I just LOVE to do. I don't have to cuz I cleaned last weekend, but I still feel like I should. His mom has even said to me "Please don't EVER clean just because we're coming to visit." Her mom and MIL are the kind of women who subconsciously bust out the old white glove to test the cleanliness of the house. His mom spent the whole WEEK cleaning their house the last time they visited, and she still didn't think it was clean enough, she was just tired of cleaning, lol. I think it's just a woman thing, to want a clean house to present to people.

I think that's all for today. :)
Have a good one!



Kresta said...

Well, that's pretty crappy they hit it and didn't say anything. Although, I'm pretty non-confrontational, so at this point, with the car being gone already, I don't think I'd even say anything. Good for you guys for donating it!

Sarah said...

Dude, that's HUGE!

So, I totally did this to a car when I was leaving my friends house one day but it was SUCH a small dent--if it had happened to us, we wouldn't have fixed it you know? Anyway... I still felt so bad about it I couldn't just leave it, so I left them a note. Now I feel all nice for doing that. :)

Shawna said...

Oh my gosh I can't believe someone hit your car & didn't even bother to say anything! Well actually I can, almost 2 years ago someone busted out the back window of my van when it was parked in our driveway! We had to spend $150 out of pocket to fix it, at least you were donating the car so you didn't have to pay to fix it.