Feel like rambling

First off, please look to your left. You will notice a new addition to my sidebar.
WEDDING COUNTDOWN!!! WOOT!!! I'm so flippin excited it's not even funny :)
Jordan started working on the guest list for his side of the family, and my mom has sent me about 9839028432 different lists (I think I need an update on that actually - Mom, expect an email :P) so we're rolling on that. We looked at numbers, and it looks like the people I thought Jordan was going to fight me on will be able to fit no problem. And, he put up practically no fight. So we might make it through the guest list without too much fighting! YAY!!

Warning: For some reason with this election, I feel the need to state my opinions. For someone who previously avoided politics like the plague, this is strange new territory. Bear with me. It'll all be over soon anyway.

Last night's final Presidential Debate was another disaster. Why do we even bother with them anymore? They don't answer questions, they talk over each other, the moderator is useless. All it does is bore the American public for 20 minutes before their minds go completely numb and they change the channel. I mean, was it really necessary to "discuss" their campaign ads for 15 minutes? All the ads are mean and evil. No shit sherlock, that's friggen politics now a days! And I'm so over the ties between Obama and that 60's terrorist. You're making shit up, the man was 8 years old! LET IT GO!

I did pay attention, and I did yell at the tv, and I did "keep score" in my head. McCain moved ahead when he stated he'd cut ethanol subsidies (I haaaaaaaaaaaate ethanol), but Obama evened the score when he talked about solar/wind/etc. I'm still not convinced nuclear is the way to go, so I couldn't give another point to McCain. It went back and forth a few more times. Until McCain made a statement that pretty much shot himself in the foot for me.

"We have to change the culture of America. Those of us who are proudly pro-life understand that. " (About 3/4 of the way down in the transcript, McCain speaks on Roe v Wade, then Obama speaks, and it's in McCain's counter.)

Um, excuse me? The CULTURE of America needs to change? And only one group of people know and understand that??

For the record, I'm pro-choice. But only because NO ONE should have the right or the power to tell ME what I'm allowed to do with my body. I would never get an abortion, but that's not what this issue is about. It's about more than just determining "when" a fetus becomes a life to count. It's about the fact that unwanted and unplanned pregnancies happen every day in this country, and it's sure as hell better to have a choice about what to do. Otherwise you end up with women dying in back alleys after trying to abort. If a woman wants to abort, the law isn't going to stop her. She'll throw herself down the stairs, or break her own water, etc etc etc. Putting her own life at risk because having a baby and putting it up for adoption just isn't an option for her. So no, adoption isn't the solution to the abortion problem. Sorry McCain.

Seriously, that shocked the hell out of me. Not sure why it hit me so hard, but it did.
I wish I could take both of them, smush them together, and make 1 decent candidate instead of these 2 crappy ones. I don't like Obama's "spread the wealth" tax plan, I don't like McCain's stance on abortion (and I'm sure, on gay marriage so that's really -2 points for him). I don't think Obama has the experience, and I don't like his immediate withdrawal from Iraq. I don't like McCain's "nuclear is the only solution" attitude about energy. I think they're both idiots for wanting to open off shore drilling, cuz that isn't gonna solve anything (and I wish I bookmarked the article I read that explained it).

Oy. I'm sorely tempted to write in something absurd. Maryland is going to Obama, I have no doubts about that. Baltimore City and Prince George's County pretty much guarantee that. So I might as well have fun and write in something retarded if my vote isn't gonna count anyway. (I'm not actually gonna write in, but it pains me to have to pick from these 2.)

Ok ok, that's enough political talk for one day. I just had to get it out of my system.
There are some fun things in the works for Digital Scrapbooking Day on November 1st, so keep your eye out for that. I finished a really cute LO last night, but I can't share yet cuz it uses Traci's release for this week.
Work is work.
Life goes on.
That's about it :)

Have a good day!!


Kresta said...

While I don't agree with all of your opinions, I think they're important discussions to be had. Good for you for writing about what you really think. :)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

If you really want to write in someone, do me a favor & vote for Bob Barr. He's the Libertarian candidate. If they can get 3% of the public vote nationwide they get federal campaign funds for the next election and just maybe, eventually there will be a viable 3rd candidate to choose from in a decade or so.

I'm normally a Green voter for that reason but the Green's aren't putting up anyone who stands a chance of getting 3%. Bob Bar might actually do it if enough people express their unhappiness with the other 2 by voting for him

Kristen said...

Won't comment on your election. We just finished doing our civic duty up here. At least it is over with, and we can move on (kinda like being pregnant really).
Love your wedding counter!!