TGIF! For Serious!

So thankful it's friday.
So thankful for the weekend. We actually have nothing to do for once! After going nonstop for the past 6 weeks or so, it'll be so nice to just chill out and enjoy the beautiful weather and get things done around the house.
I do need to do some minor cleaning around the house. The boys have made a mess of the kitchen again, so I'll need to clean that. (Sounded like I have kids right? Nope. A 25 year old and a 29 year old. Awesome.) My craft area is a disaster. I never fully cleaned it after we added Jordan's desk and desktop to it. His desk is a disaster and I keep waiting for it to turn into toothpicks before my very eyes. He wants to get a "nice" L-shaped desk for that area. Too bad those run about $1k. And he bought a pimp car this week. And I'm trying to save money. I'd much rather spend $200 on an Ikea desk similar to the one I have, and call it good enough for the time being. Plus, he'd want like, a cherry desk and that so does not go with the vibe I have going in the master suite (beachy, calm, relaxing - thus the white desk I currently have and the light wood Ikea furniture I've always had but fits so well).

He has decided to go to Ikea this weekend though. This, is a major accomplishment. Last time we were there (many moons ago when I needed a replacement desktop since mine broke in the move) he saw some wood blinds. Now, he's obsessed. So he wants to go buy those for the bedroom and the spare room upstairs. Plus I want to do something like Tara Whitney did in our dining room. I loooooove the big photos, and I think it'll work really well with the vaulted ceilings. I'm thinking of stepping them (1 frame, 2 frames, 3 frames). And maybe putting 1 on either side of the big gaudy golf print that Jordan loves so much :P Of course when the new Pottery Barn catalog came in the mail the other day, I fell in LOVE with a dining room buffet display (the 20x20's would be above the buffet) that had a huge mirror. Which, would also look amazing if I do say so myself. I mean, the white with the deep green walls looks fantastical, and I'm ALL ABOUT various flower holding devices and candle holders. Heaven, I'm tellin ya! (Sidenote, I also REALLY want those hanging lamps shown in image 2 - but I KNOW Jordan won't go for that cuz they're $220 a piece on sale, oops. And naturally I want the starburst cut ones, which are more expensive)

Regardless, I'm going to pick up a bunch of the frames at Ikea (fingers crossed they have them). I mean, they're like $7 TOPS. I'm sure I can find a creative use for them around the house/my scrap area :) Another idea I JUST this second thought of, doing a 3x3 square with the frames, and put a mirror in the middle....... (see what I mean about crafty ADD?!?!?!).

So yea. I'm hoping to convince him to let me get the Ikea desk. Then I can clean out the craft area, get it uber organized, and situated the way I want it. Which really means flipping the current furniture arrangement so I can actually watch tv while I craft. Cuz right now, my back is to the tv. And that means I'm either crafting, or I'm turned around watching tv and not being productive. So I need to remedy that.

Man, sometimes I just ramble on for forever huh?
I'm still obsessed with the new Jack's Mannequin cd. "Spinning" is definitely my favorite. I could listen to it 8908492 times a day right now. Not totally sure why. I think sometimes my subconscious finds something about songs and latches onto them. I don't need to understand, I just know I love it :)

And as an aside to yesterday's blog post let me say 2 things.
1) I'm thankful that the people that DO read this blog, can do so while still being respectful. Not a single angry "wtf is wrong with you, you're a moron" comment to be had. I'm sure people wanted to say that, but instead, they just didn't comment. THANK YOU!! (I know there are many women I know who probably read this after coming over from SSD, many of whom are rather conservative. So again I say thank you :) Reason #8695048543 why SSD rocks my socks.

2) My sister turned me onto www.dooce.com and Heather Armstrong. She has a great post today relating to the abortion issue. The comments on her blog, and the blog posts and comments she references are fascinating.

A few interesting things I gained from said posts/comments (and I make the following statements assuming I was pregnant and facing such decisions):
Who gets to decided when my life is sufficiently in danger? How "bad" do I have to get before they will save me?
Pro-abortion is the most absurd phrase I've ever heard in my life.
If I do decide to go full term, is there any guarantee my baby will have health insurance? Nope. Awesome plan then, thanks so much!

Again, I have no idea why I find this election so intriguing. Probably because the last one was an easier for me. This one forced me to do a lot of research, and I've learned that I LOVE hearing other people's opinions. LOVE IT! I don't have to agree with it, but seeing the reasoning behind people's opinions absolutely fascinates me.

I think that's enough rambling for today. Since I started writing this post a good 7 hours ago. Thank you notepad.

Have a glorious weekend everyone!!

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Eve said...

We are off to IKEA next weekend!! I swear it is like Disney Land to me! LOL