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So you've been sufficiently warned. :o)

Clearly, I survived this weekend. Unfortunately, my voice did not. :oP I'm a loud person, I know this, I don't try to hide this. But pair me with 15 other people who are also loud, who I haven't seen in a while/never met before, and add a LOT of alcohol and you've got a recipe for disaster on your hands! LOL! By about 2am on saturday I was all raspy, not even sexy deep voice. More like 90 year old who smoked 2 packs a day for 30 years. Gross. Hopefully it'll come back soon. I like my voice! Lol! Saturday was SO much fun. This picture sums up just how drunk and fun we all are. That's me and my girl Tara.

You'll be seeing some LO's in the coming weeks of our get together. I worked on one today at lunch but didn't get it finished.

So it's November. I don't know when that happened, but it feels like it happened to quickly. I'm DYING to get some christmas kits, but am waiting for Shabby Princess to reveal one that I think might be coming out soon before I buy any. Although Penny Springmann put out a GORGEOUS one this week at SSD that I'm DYING to get. Anyway, new month means new Songbird Ave charity kit. This one is called "Sugar Plums" and all proceeds go to Toys for Tots! You can't lose!! Check it out, and then go buy it ;o)

On Nov 3, Digital Scrapbooking Day, Sweet Shoppe Designs debuted a whole slew of new designers and products (over 100 products if I remember correctly). Well I snagged this one called "Winter Thrill" by Dani Mogstad (one of my absolute FAVORITE designers) and am LOVING IT! It's what I used to create my "Winter Laughs" LO that I posted last week. SO fun and versatile. I love the papers and the elements, and the alpha is stunning and perfect for christmas LO's too. Definitely my favorite thing I picked up that, although Penny's 2008 calendar toppers are a close 3rd. :o)

I want to thank all of you who left such sweet comments last week during Kim's huge birthday celebration. We all had so much fun, and I'm so glad that so many of you enjoyed the brag book that we all created. I kinda want to do that for every kit of Kim's! LOL! Just love that woman, but you know that. Oh and I'm glad that those of you who don't normal purchase grab bags, did and were so happy! This kit here is definitely my favorite part of teh personal use bag. It's in the store later today and is 25% off! GO GET IT if you haven't already!!

Heather is a big giant sweetie and passed this along to me today.

Thanks so much hon! I love Heather's blog and her designs are fantastic. Check out her post for today, it showcases her awesome commercial use/scrap for hire products. So if you're a budding designer or a scrapper for hire, you should definitely check her out. Plus her little girl is covered in spaghetti and sure to make you smile :o)

I'm saving a serious post for tomorrow because I don't want it to get buried. But you can go to Kristine's blog or Kim's or Bunny's and scroll back to last week and see a good preview. People really need to think before they speak. Not doing so is becoming a bit of an epidemic in this country. I just got inspired for a LO while thinking of this. If you're lucky I'll work it into a template tonight and post it for you tomorrow. But you're gonna have to go read one of the 3 blogs I just mentioned and linked AND leave a comment there AND here tomorrow after my post if you want it. You'll understand why if you actually go read those blog entries.

I think that's all for today, now that I wrote a small novel. :o) Have a great day/night everyone!



Shannon said...

You GO Girlie! Kristine's post made me so mad ('cause I'm protective like that)! Add in the week from HE** that Bunny had and general nastiness and well, some people just suck! Can't wait to see what you've got to say...I'm formulating something as well, but haven't decided to best post it yet.

Kim B said...

RA RA RA RA- SISTA's in the HOOD!!!
Girl I KNEW there was something that 'joined us at the hip'-LOL- it's the LOUD VOICE and party rasp-LOL
I LOOSE mine EVERYTIME we go out- Got to learn to sing and shout quiter- but what the hell at my age it's hard to break that habit! LOL
Want more pics!! hahahaha- Looks like you had a BLAST!!
thanks for the plug- and man that brag book you guys made was a HUGE hit!-
Sending hugs

.: Kristine :. said...

Hi Colleen!

Hope today is better for you and your voice! Looks like you had a blast!!

I'm long overdue to get with teh girls and just let it all out!

::dork dancin' my fat arse all over your blog::


Michelle said...

SP's kist does look awesome! I saw a peek of it too!
Thanks for talking up Sugar Plums! :)