Well it looks like....

The cat is out of the bag! KimB included info on her awesome surprise in her freebie for today!! You guys have no idea how fun next week is going to be! All of us on her CT have put together some seriously awesome stuff for you guys. She's got grab bag's, she's got kits, she's got extra goodies to give away. You do NOT want to miss it. :)

So I was all excited to go home last night and work on some of ideas for Kim. I get home and I've got the house all to myself cuz Jordan went home with Tiger to go to the Penn State game this weekend with his Dad. I have a TON of stuff I want to get done so I'm not behind for the holidays, so I decided to sit this trip out. So I get home and get into jammies and set up the tv and start dinner. I go turn on Jordan's desktop (my poor old lappy can't handle PS CS2, lol)......"drive not found. please insert system disk and press enter". Um....what? So I call him, and he can tell that I'm disappointed, so he has me turn it off, unplug it, and let it sit for a while before I turn it on again. So I do that.....same thing. So now he's telling to unscrew this, go check that....yea, no thanks. I was too disappointed to deal with it. Then of course 2 hours later I was bored and wanted to call again! LOL! I'm gonna try and figure it out tonight with him on the phone. It could be as simple as a cable coming loose inside the tower and that's why it's not reading his hard drive. If it's something more serious I'll cry because then I won't be able to make all kinds of goodies this weekend. I wanted to start our christmas cards, I have presents to make, etc etc. PLUS, it's Digital Scrapbooking Day! So there will be oodles of fun things going on, and dang it! I want to play!!!

So I put my name out there a few times recently to try out for more creative teams, with no luck. But to be honest, it's not all that disappointing. I still consider myself a newbie in the digi-scrap world, I know I've got lots more to learn. I got the nicest rejection letter last night, I couldn't even be upset that I wasn't chosen! Lol! But she did say that she's holding onto my app for consideration in case a spot opens up, so that made me feel awesome. The Stand Up and Scrap contest really pushed me and challenged me, and I'm all about self improvement. I've really loved some of the pages I've made lately and that's such a great feeling.

Here's a fun one I did for the Slogan Challenge over at Sweet Shoppe Designs. I have some of the best friends, we have such a blast when we're together! Click to see it in my DST gallery.
Not too much else to report. Work has slowed down CONSIDERABLY for me in the last week or so. Some of the projects I'm on just can't move forward until we get more information or get the go-ahead from the state. I love what I do, but that can be frustrating sometimes, even my boss complains about it occasionally, lol. My company is doing really well, and we keep winning contracts. We've got tons of jobs waiting for us in the wings. I like being busy and learning new things and I get to do both at this company, it's really awesome.

It's so wrong of me, but I can't WAIT to start decorating the house for Christmas! Lol! All the craft ads in the paper are for sales on Christmas decorations and I'm just dying to get in the attic and pull our stuff out, lol. I've got a bunch of stuff I want to do in the house this year, I can't wait to get started. I'm especially excited to decorate the outside with lights. I want 2 little trees wtih lights on either side of the door, and lights all on the banister on the steps, lights around the garage doors.....Jordan's gonna hate me! LOL!

Ok, I think I've rambled on enough for today. :o) Everyone have a glorious weekend, I'll see you on Monday for the fun festivities!!



Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Can't wait to see what ya all come up with for Kim's birthday! Sounds like it's gonna be a good time. Sorry to hear about your puter problems. At least you have the laptop to surf the NDSD sales.

Emjoy your weekend!

Neverland Scraps said...

you know...if you are looking for CT's, you might want to check my blog for a new call that I just put up yesterday!

Anyways, I can't wait to see what you all came up with for Kim's day!! It all sounds like loads of fun!!

Dawne said...

Great read....glad I stopped by! Have a great weekend!!

Dawn said...

Like your blog! I hope you get the comp problem fixed so you can scrap! Beautiful layout!

Tink said...

Really do hope you can get the computer back up and going. I know exactly how you feel. No matter what though have an enjoyable weekend.

Kim B said...

hey girlfriend- Gee's I'm alive but barely! hahhahahaha- had a AWESOME party- but oh so paying the price today-heehee.
Glad to see you back! hahahaha- LOVE LOVE LOVE your Lo's chiko!
Will chat tomorrw- hope you sort out the PC-LOL, I'd die without mine-hahahaha

KristiYaYa said...

NO, it's not wrong of you to want to decorate NOW!!!! I do too!!!! I'm chompin at the bit wanting to set up my tree! I like to put it up as early as possible and take it down as late as possible........... and if my family wouldn't throw a fit, I'd leave it up ALL YEAR!!!!
Thanks for the card template! I love it!