Music soothes the soul

I love music (as you can probably tell from the blog header). There's nothing better to me, than "re-discovering" a great cd. The way that music can transport you through space and time never ceases to astound me. Just a few weeks ago I found a cd I thought I had lost, and boy did it bring back some summer memories. :o) I just love that. I've been rockin out to John Mayer for 2 days (all the cd's, the live stuff, the stuff you can't get on cd's - I love that man's voice and style) and I am still sitting here diddy-bopping in my chair. Reminds me of dinners at home when we were younger. We always play music at dinner, and inevitably mom would start "diddy-bopping" and then me or my sister would too, and dad would say in his "serious but not really so you can't actually take him seriously" voice "No diddy-bopping at the table!!" And mom would pretend to hang her head in shame, and the rest of us would just giggle and continue to at least bop our heads in time to the music. Ooooh good times.

So. Have you gone to DSO yet? Have you been to Kim's store and discovered that HER whole store is 40% off because it's her birthday and she's so awesome she's passing the goodness on to everyone else?

No? Well what are you waiting for?!?!?! :oD

The personal use grab bag has a GORGEOUS Christmas kit in it, and the commercial use bag is just full of awesome goodies too!! Seriously, if I wasn't on her creative team I'd be going nuts in the store! She has such amazing products, and at 40% off, you can't go wrong!!

Ok ok, you're probably looking for a template with some word art included in it right? Right. Here's the LO that inspired the template (click for credits):

Aaaaaaand here's the template. "Season's Greetings" word art included!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! And don't forget, not hot linking, send people here, and if you use a template, show me what you did with it!

*Hugs* n Love


Carjazi - aka Diane said...

thanks for the heads up about Kimmie's grab bag.

Have a great day.

Andrea said...

You're a bad person! A good person? I haven't decided yet, but I do know I really want Kim's grab bag, the link is open in a new tab, and I really hope my kits are selling cuz DH is gonna give me THAT LOOK if I have to dip into the real account for it! LOL!
Love your posting about music. One thing about having a 17 yo son is that I get to re experience lots of stuff through him. Right now he's listening to all kinds of stuff I listened to at his age, and it's awesome to go back in time and see it again with fresh eyes.
Diddy bopping, love it!

Glenda said...

Thanks for the template. I love using them. I have both of Kim's
grab bags and they have good things in them. You can't go wrong. Sounds like our girl, Kim, had and is still having a fun birthday, buat I think everyday is fun for her.

Angedawn said...

Nice template and layout! And "yeah" for finding music that was "once lost"! :)

Tink said...

We never played music at dinner but boy did we ever have some good times. Our dad was a lot like yours, always using a "serious" but not so much voice to get his point across. One time he did it and mom thought we were getting a little out of hand and said "Quiet, Q-U-I-T-E, Quiet." You could hear a pin drop before my dad burst out laughing.

Love the template. Thank you.

fl_connie said...

Thanks for this really great template - and for sharing your fantastic layout about your friend. I think the whole layout captures that "bittersweet" feeling you talked about.

Maria said...

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Trisha said...

Thank you for the layout share and template!

Kim B said...

Ah girl music is one of those things that will always take you back to a memory or place that you have forgotten, or make new ones! I have songs that remind me of everyone I love and we were brought up with music too- lying next to a speaker each while my dad played us song after song- AWESOME memories! Thanks for the GREAT JOB on the Lo's and the templates!!! MY CT RAWKS!!!!!
Sending hugs

Maria said...

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