Helloooooooo 2009!

Phew! I finally grabbed a second to get this written and posted. The holidays were great. Super busy, and too much traveling, but great. :) We got an awesome exercise bike from my parents, and I got Lightroom 2.0 from Jordan's parents! WOOT! So exciting, it's my new favorite camera accessory, lol.

Again, this year for SERIOUS, I'm doing Project 365. I say for serious, because SSD is playing along too and has a whole forum set up for it! WOOT! Now lots of my friends are doing it, and I'll have oodles of motivation. And to share, here are my first 5 pics :)

Tiger LOVES to lay in front of the wood stove when we visit Jordan's parents in the winter. She lays there until she's so hot she can't stand it any longer, goes and cools off for a few minutes, and then goes back and lays down again. This night, the fire was apparently too low for her, because she was practically laying underneath it, lol.

Day 2, playing with my favorite new toys :)

Day 3, her pathetic/sad/stop taking my picture face.

I spent some time on sunday, Day 4, going through piles of scrapbooking magazines and pulling out inspiration from them. I pull articles and layouts to lift for those times when my mojo is running low.

Yesterday we took down the tree and I took down most of the decorations in the house. I don't have an ornament organization box, so the bulbs all just go in one big rubbermaid bin :)

So 2008 went way too fast. It was a good year, but I really can't believe it's gone already! But the good news is, WE ARE GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR!!!!!

Can you tell I'm excited?? We ordered our invitations while we were home in NY for Christmas, and I'm SO excited to get them in. They are so perfect and elegant and wonderful. STOKED! We did hit a snag with the hotel situation, which is a huge bummer. Apparently all the hotels in the area are WAY overpriced, so guests are gonna have to travel a bit I think. So bummed about that. We'll just have to see what happens I suppose.

Since we got the exercise bike for Christmas, I'm hoping to make a solid effort at exercising more this year. I figure if I can't lose weight for the wedding, then it's not meant to be. Jordan loves my body, all the pressure definitely comes from me. I'm not crazy, trying to fit into a size 2 or something. I just want to lose 20 pounds, which would get me down to a good healthy size. That's all I want, is to be more healthy. I'm working on taking multi-vitamins, and drinking more water every day. I hope to use the bike 3 days a week and try and do pilates the other days. It'd be nice to keep that plan going with the bike, because then when I start training for the 3Day (2010) I can walk the other days of the week like I'm suppose to. That's the plan anyway :p The best laid plans of mice and men......

So getting healthy is one goal for this year. Another goal is to really really really work on my photography. I would really love to eventually (like, a ways down the line) get into photography as a business or a side business. Holly McCraig has a dog portraiture business called The Little Dog Smiled. SO AWESOME! I mean that, THAT would be what I would want to do. Run around taking pictures of awesome dogs all the time. PERFECT!

Mmm....ok, I think I'm done rambling for today. Hopefully I'll be back again soon :)
Have a great day!!



Kresta said...

Love your first five photos! They look great! Wish I had Lightroom!

Congrats on getting married this year - so exciting!

Best wishes on your exercise program. I really enjoy Pilates!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great photos! love what you did with them.

Good luck with your exercise program!

Dana Tate said...

your photos look great. Congrats on getting married.

Lucrecia said...

Great pictures, I especially like the Lightroom and the ornaments!

How are you liking Lightroom?

Kimberly said...

Your photos are really beautiful - great composition all the way around and that is one gorgeous dog!! Sounds like 2009 will be super exciting too!