Oh My Stinkin Heck!!!!!

I am having the BEST WEEK EVER!!!

Ok, so Monday blew. I was cranky, I did NOT want to be back at work, and my boss drove me a little insane. Jordan and I were both really snippy with each other too, which always gets to me. I haaaaaaaaaate fighting with him or being mad at him. So Monday was not so hot.

Tuesday was better. I was in a decent mood, I rode the bike for 20 minutes (WOOT!), we had a good dinner. I bought myself a custom font from Darcy Baldwin @ SSD, and I was all excited to get it made. Life was good.

Then came Wednesday. Ooooh wednesday. I have a great group of friends whom I met on myspace a few years back. We've had our fair share of ups and downs and drama-rama's, but there's a core group of us who have always stuck together and been really close. For the past few years we've decided to do a Secret Santa to keep costs down for everyone during the holidays. Well my SS informed me of herself, and she happened to be my good friend Sue who lives like 2 miles away. So instead of buying me something, she gave me the best gift ever. A huge home cooked meal for Jordan and I, delivered to our house!! She made us a delicious oven roasted chicken (which Jordan LOVED so I have to get her recipe, lol) with carrots and potatoes, a salad, biscuits, an appetizer of cheese and crackers, and a dessert of angel food cake with vanilla topping! FREAKING DELICIOUS!
So as if that wasn't enough for the day, Jordan surprised me. He knew I really wanted this dinner to be just for us, to share together, by ourselves. Well his brother was still in the house, but while I was down the hall he set the table in the dining room, turned down off the lights, and lit candles and opened a bottle of wine. It was just exactly what I needed from him amid the stress of life at home as it is currently. He really surprises me sometimes and sweeps me off my feet all over again. We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed each other's company both during and after :P
As if that wasn't enough to keep me happy for several days, I got the GREATEST PM ever later that night. From Robin Carlton, the owner of Sweet Shoppe Designs, asking me to (finally) be a Hybridbabe!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! See, I'm even up on the staff page (scroll down, bottom left corner)!! I've talked to Robin a lot in the last year, to find ways to improve myself to try and make the team. SSD is my digi-home, and to be on the site team is truly a dream come true. I've been waiting for almost a year, but it was 100% worth the wait!! The funny thing is that after the last round of rejection, I had decided to "give up" on making the team in a way. Not literally give up, but try to not make it my main focus and just do what I do because I love to do it. Well boy did that pay off! LOL! I'm seriously seriously, SO excited to be an even bigger part of the most amazing digi-scrapping community out there. There are some big things planned for the future and I'm so excited to get to be a part of them from the start!! So Wednesday was amazing. I was literally like a kid on Christmas eve that night. So excited I couldn't sleep!

Thursday was excellent. I got set up in the "behind the scenes" forums at SSD and worked on catching up things. Robin announced that myself and another wonderful scrapper, Jen Tapler, had joined the team, and I basked in the awesomeness that was my life. And then the next most awesome thing happened. Darcy finished my font!!! I consider my handwriting to be a mess. It never looks the same way twice, which makes it rather difficult to create a sample LOL! But Darcy persevered, and here's my font!! I LOVE it!!

Friday was excellent because a)it was friday, but also because of b) we booked the flights for our honeymoon!! WOOT!! We're flying into Paris on the 13th and out of Milan on the 30th. 17 days in Europe!!!! OMG I'm SO freaking excited.

So yea, best freaking week ever. 2009 is off to a very very good start. Fingers crossed it stays that way for a while :)

Ok, time for some 365 photos. I'm almost done with my LO for week 1, which is good since week 2 ended today :P But I'll talk about the LO when I post it.

Day 6 was Tuesday, which was the first day I used the new exercise bike.

Day 7 was Sue's glorious oven roasted chicken.

Day 8 was my debut on the SSD staff page!!!

Day 9 and 10 are still in lightroom. I'll post them soon. :)
I spent a lot of today organizing my scrap space AGAIN. But it's got some fun new things in it thanks to some metal bins from the new tv stand that Jordan didn't want to STAY in the tv stand. So I took them :) Now I have bins for my rub ons, my acrylic stamps, my endless amounts of chipboard, and my card bases! I'm loving the way it's working into my current system so well!! WOOT! Plus, that means my desk is almost cleared off and I can get back to crafting! WEEEEEE! I've got some card sets that I want to make for friends, and that's my first project :)

Ok, enough rambling for tonight. Have a good rest of the weekend everyone!

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Pam said...

Yay for Col! Congrats on the SSD gig, the great week and all! And that chicken looks sooo yummy!