My birthday! And random P365 photos

Hellooooooooo! So, I meant to post, and I meant to post, and I meant to post, and now I'm finally posting :)

Last friday was my birthday (WOOT!!). The big 2-6. It feels no different that 25, lol. Another year down the drain. But, there are lots of awesome things to look forward to this year, so it's all good.
Here's my P365 for friday. We went out to a happy hour with a bunch of friends and had a blast! We don't go out a lot, which we should really work on, but we always have fun when we do. :)

I'm keeping up with Project 365 pretty well so far. The only thing I'm running into, is that I'm so spoiled with my D80, that I don't want to take pictures during the day with my point and shoot, lol. Although that photo above is from my point and shoot, so I shouldn't complain too much. I brought my big camera in to work today so I can get a shot of the ice storm outside. We got some snow yesterday, and then a lot of sleet/ice overnight and into today. I'm gonna run outside in a second and snap a picture before it all melts or something. I do have to say that I LOVE editing my photos in Lightroom now. And the combination of lightroom and PS is just AWESOME!
Here's a sunset from Jan 16th. The windows in my craft space overlook the backyard and face west-ish so the sun sets over there everyday. The winter sunsets seem to be extra bright and gorgeous lately.

Here's a shot that I made vintage-y. It's the view of our parking lot from the stairwell on my floor. The P&S didn't take a great photo, so going vintage was my best option.

My mom gave me 2 of these mugs, and a matching bowl over Christmas. I LOVE it! It's so fun to look down and see a cute lil snowman peeking up at me. The bowl is in the living room with M&M's in it :)

One of my Christmas presents was also this adorable Breast Cancer Mouse :) She sits on my desk at home all cute and fluffy with those feathers. Probably going to retake this one, and move my pen storage out of the way so it's not as distracting.

Tiger had a lot of fun running around outside on sunday morning while Jordan was washing the cars. She's so cute in that jacket when the hood flops forward, and then she was playing on her own tossing the ball around. I just HAD to snap some shots :)
Here, the ball had the audacity to roll down the side of the yard into the driveway. How rude!

This one is funny.

And I LOVE this one, despite it's total lack of focus, lol.

That will be all for now. My mojo took a long walk off a short pier in the beginning of the month and it's starting to bother me. I've gotten 2 hybrid projects done, and I'll post those tomorrow (hopefully). We're driving up to NY tonight so we can go to a tasting at Patriot Hills tomorrow night. So fun!! Have a great day :)



Pam said...

Awesome photo Col! Love that sunset! I love the mug, too cute and that little mouse is just sweet! Tiger looks very cozy in her jacket, Bear never would have worn one of those!

Eve said...

Your photos are fabulous!!

Kimberly said...

Your photos are gorgeous and that mug shot is just so precious!

Kim B said...

Heya Col ;-)
Popped in to see if there was any wedding news- lol
AWESOME photo's girl- LOVE the mug one!

Sending hugs