WHOOHOOO!!!! Check out my new blinkie over there on the right!!! YAHOO!!! I'm one of the newest Hawt Mama's on Traci Reed's Creative Team!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still can't believe it!!!


Can you tell I'm just a liiiiiiittle bit excited?? LOL! I only recently discovered Tracy (beginning of Nov) when she joined Sweet Shoppe Designs, but holy mackeralfish is the woman amazing! She VERY quickly became one of my absolute favorite designers, and I feel so amazingly blessed to be a part of her team for the first half of 2008!! I'm still working on getting set up in the team forums and such, but I will be doing a lot of hybrid work for the team and posting my hybrid creations as tutorials on the team blog. Merry Christmas to me!! Lol!!

We had a long but good holiday with Jordan's family. It was very strange to not be home for Christmas, but it had to happen sometime. We're going home to NY on friday to spend time with my family and exchange gifts and such.

I'm tired, and I don't want to be here at work, but such is life. Next year we're definitely taking more time off, lol. If I had more vacation time we would've, but being sick a few times this year didn't help me out much. I'm also rather sad that we didn't have a white christmas at all. No snow. :-( I miss snow. We're scheduled for rain rain rain rain rain. Boo hiss!

On another fun front, my best friend Jesse has moved home to NY from TX! I'm SO excited to go home this weekend and get to hang out with him. It'll be WAY easier to hang out now that he's so much closer.

I think I'll go scrap for a while, then attempt some work. :-) I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday!



Kim B said...

CONGRATS GIRLFRIEND- you've worked hard!!! Glad you had a good break- shheee's mines only coming in March and can't wait- the few day's break during Christmas and new year wasn't enough-LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the really neat card and envelope! TY TY TY !