So I joined another scrapbook forum that many people on the boards have mentioned. It seems like a much smaller community, which is fun. It's myScrapbookArt.com. So in browsing the forum this morning before starting some work, I found a thread referencing this Ali Edwards blog post from last year, about One Little Word.

The concept being that you look inside, and pick one word that encompasses your hopes/dreams/wishes/thoughts/goals etc for the coming year. Usually, the word carries meaning in many aspects of your life.

My word for this year is Focus (hence the post title). This word has double meaning for me for the coming year. I am a person who is easily distracted (case in point: I realized while driving home from work that I needed gas, a fun song came on the CD, started singing and dancing, gas was completely forgotten about until I got in the car this morning). My mind doesn't like to dwell on one specific thing for too long. It's a blessing and a curse, lol. At work when I get stuck doing the same thing over and over and over (which is inevitable) my productivity drops. Well that's just not good now as it! LOL! And thus, focus.

But also, I don't always focus on the right things emotionally/mentally. When I make someone a gift (be it knitted or scrapbooked or altered or whatever) I get to wrapped up and focused on the "what if it's not good enough, what if they don't like it". I told a woman just last week at the yarn store, that NO ONE would notice that the crown on the hat she made was a little wrong. No one. They'll love it because you made it and it came from the heart. Well it's time to FOCUS and take my own advice! There are sooooo manyyyyyy people out there who do the same thing (yea, I see you nodding your head in agreement). Whenever I feel myself start to think those negative thoughts, "FOCUS" will come to mind, and I will remember why I do what I do. Why I create. Why I craft. Because I love it. Not because so-and-so loves it. Yea it's awesome to give someone a homemade gift that they love and cherish, and of course I love that aspect of creating. But if I never made another gift again in my life, I would still craft. I'd need a storage facility for all the STUFF, but I'd still create!
Instead of focusing on how Jordan makes me INSANE sometimes (I truly believe the y chromosome was created to drive us double X's batty), I should focus on how much he loves me and how happy we are together. Instead of focusing on why person xyz is being crazy/selfish/whatever, focus on how little that ACTUALLY effects me in life. Am I crazy/selfish/whatever? No. So who cares? (I'm not trying to say that no one ever effects me, but every little mood swing my friends go through should NOT have a huge impact on me. It's called trying again another day when they aren't nuts. It'll probably save us both some sanity.)

Focus. I feel good about that. So what's your word?

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