So much going on!!

Ok so first off, LET'S GO G-G-G-G-G-G-MEN!! Holy hell, I can not believe we pulled off that win last night!! Not gonna lie, I didn't have TOO much faith in my boys. Yea I love 'em, but this is Brett Farve and the Packers! The same packers that rolled over us like a Mac Truck when we played them week 2! I do kinda feel bad for Farve. He had such an amazing season. If they hadn't played us I would've been rooting for them to go to the super bowl.

So in the beginning of the year I set a goal for myself. 150 layouts. That's about 12 layouts a month (give or take ;P). I've already got 13 done, with another in the works, and plans for about 3 more after that! How cool is that!! Between Kim's awesomeness, and Traci's awesomeness, I really have my hands full with kits! My mojo is in full swing and I LOVE it!! Thank goodness Laura only does about 1 kit a month, and I've been pretty quick with layouts for Kim Hill too. I think that after these guests spots (just Mikkel Paige next month, who I might get to meet in person while we're in FL!!), I'm going to sit back and relax for a while, and just do KimB and Traci. Being a guest is awesome, but it really kinda stinks to leave after a month, the time just goes too quickly! My month with Bree really went too quickly. I just loved working with her. I hope that if a spot opens up she'll take me on full time.

Ok so how about taking a look at some LO's wtih all these goodies?? :o) (click on the images to go to my SSD gallery)

This one uses Kim Hill's "Memory Lane" kit. I just LOVE this photo of us, just before Jordan popped the big question. Such an awesome memory.

This one was super cute for an SSD challenge. The prompt was "If I've only one life, let me live it......", and naturally I chose "as my dog"!! Girl has got the LIFE I tell ya! I used one of Traci's V-Day kits, and Michelline Martin's :My Blue Valentine"

Another Tiger layout (I really need to take some more pictures, lol) using Kim's stunning "Close Knit"

And this one I finished last night. Tiger LOVES the snow, and she's so funny to watch playing in it. I got this cute pic as she zoomed around the yard enjoying the snow (and eating a lot of it, lol!). I used Traci's new kit, "3, 2, 1 Blast Off" which is a collab with the awesome Lauren Grier!

I have another lo almost done using a really special kit that Kim just finished. It's an amazing kit and I just love how the layout turned out. Just have to add my shadow-work and then it'll be on Kim's blog.

Today is also my first post as a Hawt Mama on the Team Blog! I'm so excited! The tutorial is for a super cute Valentine's Inspired project using wood blocks. Check it out and let me know what you think!!

I'm also starting a new project on wednesday (my birthday!!). But I think I'll just post about it then.

I hope everyone is staying warm out there! I still can't believe how cold it was at the game last night! I've got $20 that says Tom Cauhlin has frost bite on his whole face. That man was in bad shape. All I kept saying was "Someone needs to get him a ski mask!" LOL!

Have a great day/night everyone! See you tomorrow!


Fotomum said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a great day!!

Loved the layouts! They were just gorgeous!!

Thanks for the look see

Beth said...

Hi Colleen!

Love the latest layouts! I checked out your 'hawt mama' site as well.... you are so talented girl!



Kim B said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BDAY girlfriend!!!- phew thank goodness for BETH too- LOL, or I would be in the DWANG!- kidding- just getting OLD_
I hope you have a STUNNING DAY- and YUP- you are a VERY talented girl! Those LO's are awesome!! (some were cut off tho in the previews- maybe just my monitor?)
Sending you tons and tons of love