That's me. 25 years old. That's just crazy! Where did time go? How has it been 2.5 years since I graduated college? I feel old. I know that's silly, cuz honestly, 25 isn't that old. But I do. Last weekend we went to my cousin's 18th birthday party (a big party with her friends and a DJ and such). It was VERY comical to watch and made me wonder if I was like that at 18. Our future's leaders......scary! LOL!

So I mentioned that I'm starting a big new project. I decided to jump in on the Project 365 craze, and document the next year of my life by taking a photo a day. On the 23rd of every month, I'll take a picture of myself, so I can see how/if I've changed over the year. I'll probably upload my photos here every few days to share with anyone who stops by. A lot of people use flickr to share their photos, but I think I'm gonna stick with photobucket. TheDigiChick is doing something fun where each week you take whatever 5 photos you want, and then 2 of the photos you take for a "homework assignment" where there's a theme for you to interpret. I really like the idea of that, and I think that it'll keep me interested and moving with the project as the year goes on. I also got a set of templates by Amy Pearson over at Scrapbook Graphics, that she made up just for her 365 project. It's a simple way to fit one week's photo on a page, and the templates are all shutterfly ready, which is awesome because I want to get all my photos scrapped and printed for a keepsake book for myself. I probably won't use her templates for every single week, but I like having them for when I have a day or two without any mojo. I don't want to get behind on my photos and then get overwhelmed by them. So starting tonight, with a self portrait, I embark on this journey. I'm excited!! We're going out to dinner and I'm excited to eat mussels marinara. It's rarely on the menu at places we go to, so that's my special birthday treat. $20 says Jordan gets the chicken parm, lol.

My fellow CT member Beth sent me a super cute e-card. I DO love those annoying little singer guys Beth! LOL! Thanks so much hon, I appreciate you remembering!!

So I've gotten 15 LO's done this month. I have a feeling I won't be able to keep this up all year, lol. Kim's new kit "Forgotten Not" is so gorgeous. I just love it. Here's the LO I did with it, me and Tigah-now!

This one I did with Natali Design's newest kit, "Essentials". SO stunning. She's up there with Kim and Jofia and Annie Manning (Paint the Moon) for realism in their kits. I LOVE realism, I love doing shadow work to make the page look as realistic as possible. LOVE IT! This might just be a new favorite LO for me. I took this picture a day or two before New Year's in my front yard (in NY). It had snowed the night before, and there was ice on the trees, but the sun was out and had just started to melt it. It was so nice out that morning.

So I'm totally, not looking forward to this election. I really need to start researching the candidates and making some decisions. Iraq will be a big issue for me, and so will Same Sex Marriage. Although with gay marriage it seems like most of them are against it, but do not support federal law banning it. That might be all I can hope for at this point. We'll see.

Whoops I wrote a lot and it's almost time to head down to the city for dinner! Thanks to all who made this birthday wonderful and special!
I hope you all had a good day, and I'll catch you soon!

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETY...wishing you the best for this coming year...may all your wishes come true...mwah...and big hugs