Oh my goodness! The only thing worse than sunburn, is when it starts to peel! My stomach and chest finally started to peel, and omgosh! I just keep scratching at them through my clothes, lol. My forehead started peel tuesday night with the help of some exfoliating face wash. I like to just get the gross itchy peely part over with as soon as possible. I spent a good 5 minutes at the mirror this morning pulling off patches of dead skin on my forehead. I HATE when it gets all in your hair and it looks like dandruff. BLEGH!

Ok, enough grossness. Sorry, had to get it out though.

I wish I could stop biting my nails. They're AWFUL. But it's like a subconscious thing! I'll be fine, doing whatever, not biting my nails, and all of a sudden I've bitten half of them off. WTF? ::Sigh:: I've tried bad tasting stuff, I've tried keep nail clippers and files around at all times, none of it works. Frustrating.

The plan set still isn't done. I went home last night and worked remotely on one of the drawings for like 2.5/3 hours. At least that one is mostly done. I'll probably do the same tonight on the second one like it. Finished roadway elevation sheets are SO tedious. Like, mind numbingly dull.

I bought the new(ish) P!ATD cd the other day. It's kinda weird. I'm sure it'll grow on me like Jason Mraz did.

Apparently I like random posts.

I ordered the lens rentals the other day for the wedding next weekend. I'm SO excited to play. I offered to do some family portrait type shots for the matron of honor too, cuz you know, why not? All 3 of them are in the wedding, so it'll be cute. Hopefully I get some good ones and they can get them printed and put up in the house :)

I also ordered a really pretty skirt and shirt on supa sale from Banana Republic. I saved like $50! Plus, they're good basics so they won't only get worn once. Fingers crossed they ship today and get here in time for the rehearsal dinner next friday. Otherwise, I'm screwed for an outfit for that. All I need to find are some killer shoes :) I want to wear my teal necklace (the skirt is a black and white pattern, and the shirt is black cuz I couldn't find any white ones I liked) so I might try and find some cute teal shoes too. I'll be at DSW next week for sure, lol!

La la la.......what else.....

Oh, Jordan spent all last night cutting tiles for the laundry room. I felt really bad, cuz I couldn't help, cuz I brought work home. He was hoping to get those tiles laid last night so he could grout tonight, but that didn't happen. It takes a long time to measure and cut all those tiles. I'm hoping he can lay the tiles tonight and grout tomorrow and then on sunday I'll have my washer and dryer back. I really don't feel like going to the laundrymat. I found a pair of jeans in my closet that I thought were dirty, so I'll be ok until he gets them set up again. Now he wants to add a standing sink in there too. Not all that sure why, but he's doing so much work in there, that if he wants one, then go for it, lol! At least I'll be able to help whenever he decides to do the hallway downstairs. Then he can cut and I can lay tile. Should go a bit faster that way.

Ok. Time to work on a new plan sheet. Have a good day!!


Monique said...

lol, that was quite the random post ;-) I hope the itching goes away soon, there's nothing worse! And good luck with the nail biting, I have no advice though. It's a tough habit to quit though. Have a great day!

Laura_A said...

Get some fake nails for a while. They look pretty and there's no way you can bite them without breaking your teeth. lol AND, they'll be great for the itching. teehee

Nikki said...

I bite my nails too. I try not to. I really do. They get long and then a piece chips and there I go biting them again. LOL.

Yikes with the sunburn itch. Those are the worst!

Amy said...

Oh man...I'm a nail biter too. They get to a nice length and I'll be watching tv...chomp chomp...and they are gone.

Banana republic, ooohhhh one of my faves.

Sorry about your burn :( take an oatmel bath (Aveeno makes a good one) it will help calm the skin.

Chels said...

maybe fake fingernails will work?

Hope the sunburn peeling will go away soon.

: )

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great randomness! Cutting tile is a pain in the butt. When we did the bathrooms DH had to do all the cutting because I can't work out how to do it to make it match up to the opening. I always end up reversing it

Heather said...

lol, you're right, that was random! :) I'm a nail biter too, I try not to but . . .

And yikes on the peeling burn! Hope it goes away quick!

Vanessa said...

I can't wait to hear how the rented lens turns out.

I'm also a nail bitter and I hate sunburns.

I'm a red head from Florida, so I've had my share of those awful things.

Becca said...

Ha! Love random ramblings lol!! I hate being itchy, sunburns suck! LOL!! Nail biting is definitely a bad habit but you wear acrylics too long and they tear up and weaken the nail. And Yay for an awesome sell on some cute clothes!

DawnMarch said...

oh I HATE sunburn! I am so white that I burn really easily. Hope the peeling clears up soon!