Truthful Tuesday #1

If nothing else, I'll be blogging on mondays and tuesdays apparently. Since people have started doing a bit of a blog train over at SSD, it's gotten me more into blogging. This is good. It's also a lot more personal than playing over at DST, which is what I did before. There's too many people over there. I like my lil home at SSD :)

So yea. Truthful Tuesday. Here goes.
There is no way in hell I will able to work in this line of work for my entire life. I love it, but I REALLY can't deal with the assholes who work at the state. Unfortunately for me, most of my work COMES from the state. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place.

On the 4th of this month, we were told that we were allowed to proceed with our work on a certain project, since our responses to the comments had been received and accepted. On the 5th we got a call saying that Mr. Head Bridge Guy was going away for the month of October, and that they expected a full structural review plan set to be done by the 19th. 2 weeks. Oh, and we had to confirm our design AND check on 5 or 6 changes they wanted made if possible. Oh, and structural review meant we had about 12-15 NEW plan sheets we had to finish. In 2 weeks. With myself being the only person available to work on any of it. Right. Yesterday, we got 2 of the bitchiest emails I've ever seen written by a man. The first, was to complain that we weren't meeting our project deadlines. Oh, you mean the completely unreasonable deadline that you set 10 days ago? Just checking. The second, was to complain about random nonsense that HIS OFFICE had been slacking on for months, but was now our fault. I REALLY wanted to drive down to the state and kick him in the nuts. As I said yesterday, working for the state doesn't give you the right to be a douche. SO CUT IT OUT! (And yes, I've thought of actually working FOR the state, because then I wouldn't be on the receiving end of their bullshit, but I'd probably kill someone if I had to deal with them everyday at work.)

In my dream world, I work here for 5 more years with minimal contact with state employees (aka, NOT becoming a project manager (which will never happen because I'm practically one now) because I really might actually either kick someone in the nuts, or jump off the roof of the office). In that time Jordan has set up a system so I can work from home 3 days a week. Then I can stay home with the bebe's most of the time, limit my interaction with morons, and still make really good money.

And if that fails, I'm quitting and becoming the next Ali Edwards. I love that woman. Or StacyJ, cuz she's in Africa right now and I would KILL to travel like that.

Back to the grind.

PS~I'm almost done with a second fabric covered book (ala Donna Downey, minus the paying $35 to watch a flippin video) and I hope to finish it tonight. And my lil book binding experiment went EXTREMELY well last night. I'll soon be buying stuff for that I think :)


Nikki said...

I hope it gets better but I must say - dealing w/ state employees, it probably won't. Because I'm a pessimist. I don't deal with them with work, but I have when I used to. They suck.

Hope it gets better Col!

Amy said...

:( sorry hun! That stinks...I'll be praying for the whole Ali Edwards thing to work out for you.

Chels said...

Sounds stressful! Hope it gets better!

LOL about being Ali.

HSDesigns said...

Oh no - I am sorry to hear you are working with a bunch of a$$holes. Sound like my job. I hope things get better, or you are working from home soon. GOOD LUCK (and don't we ALL want to be Ali...lol)
This was my first visit to your blog - I love it!

Becca said...

Oh sorry Col!! That is very aggravating and stressful having to deal with buttheads all the time!! I hope you get your dream and get out of that job!!!

Jennifer said...

Ugh, what a pita those state people can be. :( I vote for the kick in the nuts...it'll make you feel better than if you jump off the bridge. :)

Vanessa said...

I hate stupid people too. Hopefully veverything gets better for you.

Heather said...

I hate stupid people. :) Hope work gets better this week. The kicking in the nuts thing sounds good but I'm not sure how it would work out for you IRL. lol

And I agree, Ali Edwards ROCKS!

Laura_A said...

UGH! Anyone working for any government (state, national, etc) has to deal with such stupidity! It sucks and you want to just slap someone cuz the solution is just so simple. RIGHT?! lol