Misc. Monday #2

Hello again. Another week has started despite my endless protesting last night. ::sigh::

So. Without further ado. Miscellaneous Monday. :)

First, another Sweet Shoppe Blog entry:

You Are 85% Real

There's hardly a person on this earth more real than you are.

You have no problem showing people who you are, flaws and all.

For you, there couldn't be any other way. Because it's way too stressful to live an inauthentic life.

You're very comfortable with yourself. And because of this, you're able to live an exciting, interesting, and challenging life.

How Real Are You?

I guess that's right? LOL! 10 questions is a bit short to determine my "real-ness", but whatever :p

  • I've never been more sunburned in life. Like, boiled lobster red. But only on the front of my body cuz we were sitting in chairs talking. Thankfully, I don't look like rudolph anymore (the nose has faded slightly). You would think I'd have learned my sunscreen less by now. After this, I assure you I have.
  • I bought this Japanese Stab Binding Kit off Etsy and it arrived today. I'm tossing my other projects aside tonight and checking it out. Then I can order more waxed linen thread and put some of the ridiculous amount of "scrap" paper in this house to good use. (I also bring it home from work, cuz the cleaning crews dump the recycling into the trash, nice right? So it's my own version of recycling - I think they call it upcycling?)
  • Along those same lines, I stumbled across this site, TJ Bookarts, while checking my google reader today. OODLES of fun bookbinding links and tutorials, I'm way excited to check them out :)
  • My wonderful and loving fiance, bit off more than he could chew this weekend while I was away (no, I'm not surprised). Instead of learning how to lay tile in small doses, he removed everything from the laundry room, tore up the linoleum in the hallway, and cleared out the closet under the stairs. Then he discovered he was pretty slow at laying tile. Then he discovered that he didn't know how to use the cutter he bought, so he went and bought a water saw. Then he couldn't figure out the water saw. I am without a washer and dryer until thursday at the earliest. Thankfully, he's aware of his mistake and has said he will be the one to go to the Laundry-mat if necessary. Um. Duh.
  • People who change schedules and demand entire projects in 2 weeks notice, should NOT then complain about said project probably being incomplete at submission, and then send out the BITCHIEST email I've ever read. Just because you work for the state, doesn't mean you get to be a douche. Thanks.
  • I plan on eating 2 wings and a billion french fries for dinner tonight. Diet be damned. I'll start over tomorrow.
  • I can't WAIT to start our wedding registry. I got a Chef's catalogue today and am drooling over things. Crate and Barrel here I come :p
I think that's all. I'm tired. But I want to play with my book binding toy. :) Catch ya later!!


Krystal Hartley said...

LOL at your BF's home improvement project. I think I've finally trained my husband to take baby steps. If only I could get him to read the instructions first...then I'd make some progress.

Jennifer said...

Uh oh about your laundry room! Glad BF will be handling laundry this week and hope it all gets tiled soon.

Oh, I want wings, too. Sounds way good. :)

._. said...

lol I may have had a cow :)) that binding thing looks really neat :)

ps I'll skip the wings.. so you can eat more than two :))


Chels said...

LOL at your BF...

I'm so with you about the projects...

I'm going to do the same thing at dinner too!